Android O: the latest Android software coming to a smartphone near you

22 May, 2017 | Jarriuss
Android O: the latest Android software coming to a smartphone near you

Android O Features and Specs

Android O is the brand new operating system that google announced at this year’s developer conference. We all know and love the Android operating system and most people are familiar with its features by now after numerous updates to the operating system however this year google has something very special for its consumers. At this year’s Google I/O conference the tech giant announced its latest Android OS version titled Android O. The new operating system is packed with tons of cool features and unique user options which allow you to delve even deeper into the Android environment than you ever have before.

Android O

Some of the most notable features that were announced about Android O are as follows: better notification systems, PiP capabilities, adaptive icons and improved battery life just to name a few. Google seems to be taking the consumer experience to the next level with its new operating system with the variety of cool new interactive features that it has announced. One cool feature that the new operating system provides is integrated system logins, for example when you login to your twitter account on a web browser the phone will automatically log that and transfer the credentials to your twitter app for a faster login.

Android O’s main features and new updates

Some of the most popular updates to the Android operating system made with this new version are quite impressive. PiP capabilities are coming to the new Android O operating system which allows you to watch a video while operating other applications on the system which is very cool since many people have wanted this feature for quite some time now. Adaptive icons are also coming to the new Android O which are basically icons that transform and adapt to the specific theme that you apply to your phone. For instance the icons will change shapes and even go into certain animations when pressed.

Android O

Wider color support is also coming to the new Android O operating system which means even richer and more detailed photos and other media types for all of you entertainment lovers. A new wireless audio API is also being introduced to the Android O operating system which will make listening to your wireless headphones a much more enjoyable experience. Improved keyboard navigation is also coming to the new Android O operating system which will make using the keyboard in different applications much easier due to improved compatibility.

Android O: other things you should know about the new operating system

Developers can get their hands on Android O now in order to start developing different apps for the platform however consumers will have to wait until fall for it’s official release. You can expect an update coming to your pre-existing Android device once the new operating system is released although keep in mind that features such as WCG color support won’t work unless supported by your device. Text selection and auto-correct features will also be improved with the release of the new Android O operating system so that is something to get excited about. App suggestions for selected text and other things will also be getting an update with the new software so navigating through different apps should become much easier.

With all of these new features Android O shows some very promising traits for its popularity amongst users although we will have to wait and see what people really think once it is finally released. Everyone is excited to see what Android O will bring to the table, check back in fall to see our final summary of the operating system once we get a chance to get our hands on it.

Android O
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