Top 10 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping

24 August, 2016 | Stef
Top 10 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping

Chinese websites for shopping are ideal online shops where you can purchase the products you need at a very low price! Shopping online has never been so easy! When it comes to shopping for various products online, the first thing we think of are the Chinese websites for shopping. They can offer the best choice and most importantly the cheapest price. Besides the low prices, another factor that attracts the attention of customers around the world to the Chinese websites is free shipping. Whether you want to buy a pair of shoes or summer dress, you always have the option of free shipping.

Because there are many Chinese websites for shopping, we are going to present you the top 10.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

Top 10 Chinese Websites for Shopping

1. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox is a popular fashion online store, founded in 2007, together another Chinese site MiniInTheBox (this website is more about consumer electronics and gadgets). You can find a huge choice of various products here, all divided into 11 categories including electronics, clothing, jewelry, toys, sporting and household items. The categories are on the left side of the website, meaning you will easily find exactly what you need. As one of the most popular Chinese websites for shopping, LightInTheBox was listed in NYSE or New York Stock Exchange. The website has high-quality products, fast delivery, and impeccable customer service.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

2. Banggood

This is one of the well-known Chinese websites for shopping, specialized in foreign e-commerce trade for about everything you need. Besides its extremely organized homepage, Banggood has few other excellent features such as warehouses in England and in the United States for faster shipping worldwide and the possibility to make a purchase without creating an account on the website. The site offers a huge range of products including cell phones, apple accessories, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and toys. Before shipping, Banggood always ensures all products went through quality testing.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

3. DX is one of the best known Chinese websites for shopping electronics, components, and general parts. Besides that it is known as a user-friendly site with phone service for direct support, DX offer you the possibility to order products without an account. Standard shipping is always free of charge with DX and you can pay with using Webmoney, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Astropay.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

4. Chinavasion

Based in Shenzhen, Chinavasion is an e-commerce wholesaler offering various electronics and hi-tech gadgets from China. On this website, you can find interesting product range of electronic brands and more or less known smartphones and tablets. Many people purchase products from Chinavasion because of the competitive prices, this Chinese shop has to offer. When compared to other Chinese websites for shopping, the shipping here is expensive. The reason is that this shop offers high-priced electronics such as cameras, smartphones, and tablets.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

5. Everbuying

A leading online wholesale site from China specializing in fashion products and electronic gadgets. Among so many Chinese websites for shopping, Everbuying is the largest and one of the most-visited website in China. This website offers a huge collection of high-quality items including wedding dresses, smartphones, DVD players, tablets and sports equipment. Besides that is a user-friendly and well-organized site, Everbuying offers free shipping worldwide and 30 days money guarantee as well.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is the Chinese EBay. On this Chinese shopping site, you can definitely find everything you need from consumer electronics to clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, toys, sports, health, and beauty products. The prices here are unbeatable and one of the reasons why it is one of the most-visited sites in the world. AliExpress offers various free shipping options and excellent buyer protection. AliExpress does not offer an option to pay using PayPal, but it offers a substitute option for that called AliPay. Other than AliPay you can pay with credit or debit card, Western Union, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, Qiwi, Sofort and etc.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

7. DHgate

One of China’s biggest and oldest B2B online marketplaces for products is It does not matter if you are looking to purchase sports products, electronics, jewelry or toys, you can find everything here. The site connects different suppliers with buyers and customers can order Chinese manufactured products directly from the website. Therefore this well-organized site has various range of products. DHgate offers free shipping, great customer support, and inexpensive prices.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

8. TradeTang

As a global B2B wholesale platform, TradeTang is one of the fast growing e-commerce Chinese portal. This online shop offers various products directly from factories, therefore, offering the lowest prices possible and the fastest delivery. Trade tang offers free shipping worldwide coupons that you can use for additional discounts or to avoid the shipping fees for standard shipping.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

9. Rotita

One of the most fashionable Chinese websites for shopping. If you are looking for stylish clothes and affordable prices this is the shop you need. Here you can find absolutely everything, from dresses and tops to jumpsuits, rompers, swimwear, bottoms, outwear and etc. The reason why Rotita is attracting so much attention are the daily deals, weekly deals or other additional discounts it offers. For example, you can find a beautiful maxi dress or chic jumpsuit for $20. Rotita also offers 10% discount on your first order and free shipping worldwide.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

10. SammyDress

Ideal Chinese online shop if you are looking for male or female clothing, wedding or party dresses, shoes, bags, and jewelry. SammyDress is offering its customers around the world excellent range of products and it keeps on expanding and improving it actively. This online shop can offer you free shipping and for the users that have a registered account can choose between various payment methods. Creating an account is easy and most importantly free and with every registered account SammyDress gives you points.

Chinese Websites for Shopping

Besides the above mentioned 10 Chinese websites for shopping, there are also other shopping sites that can offer you pleasant shopping experience and affordable prices, such as,,,, and etc. Make sure to check these Chinese online shops and use their extremely low prices to buy the products you need!  

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