Top 5 Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories You Must Have

01 November, 2016 | Meri
Top 5 Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories You Must Have

Looking for a smartphone holder or convenient mobile phone charger? Look no further and check these cheap Aliexpress smartphone accessories!

Today we can find thousands of little gadgets and accessories that are cool and in the same time useful. Starting from various phone covers to colorful charges, selfie sticks, and etc. If you are looking for an online website where you can find a huge selection of smartphone accessories, Aliexpress is definitely a one-stop destination.

On Aliexpress you can find absolutely everything you need from smartphone accessories at the best online prices. In order to save you some time, we have decided to make a short list of top 5 Aliexpress smartphone accessories that every gadget lover must own. Take a look!

5 Cheap Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

1. Universal Phone Holder – High-end design with multifunctional metal stents. The metal stent surface is durable and it doesn’t rust. The silicone non-slip design makes the holder safer and prevents the smartphone or tablet to slide. It is multi-angle applicable and provides convenient viewing controlled by you. It is compatible with phones and tablets. The price is between $9.98 and $11.98 with free shipping included. You can select between a black holder 5 inches, a black holder 7 inches, a white holder 5 inches, and a white holder 7 inches.

Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

2. Universal Mobile Phone Finger Ring Holder – This smartphone accessory is suitable for all kinds of devices. It is perfect for watching movies or videos. The 360 adjustable angles provide you with the best viewing point so you can watch movies horizontally or vertically. It is compact and lightweight, and very convenient for using. The high-quality metal material makes this finger ring holder durable and harmless to your life. The price is $1.62 and you can choose between black, gold, pink, silver, and white color.

Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

3. Mobile Phone Holder for Car – This car holder is compatible with almost all cell phones and GPS devices. When using this mobile phone holder you can watch movies and videos with your friends anywhere and anytime. It is very helpful, especially if you hold a cup of coffee in your one hand or you use GPS maps while driving. It is definitely a must-have smartphone accessory. The price is only $3.99 with free shipping included and you can choose between black, orange, green, and red color.

Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

4. Mobile Phone Charge Holder – This mobile phone charge holder is convenient to carry and store. It is portable and lightweight and it is applicable to all kinds of cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and other small appliances. The price is $0.99 with free shipping included.

Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

5. Lazy Mobile Smartphone Holder – It is a portable smartphone accessory with a stable structure and a lock-up button. It is very convenient to use – the base can be uninstalled and the bracket can be hung around your neck. This lazy holder can be yours for only $9.32 with free shipping included. You can choose between black, green, orange, white, and yellow color.

Aliexpress Smartphone Accessories

How do you like our selection of Aliexpress smartphone accessories? They are cheap, interesting, creative and useful!

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