Lazada Online Shopping Guide: How to Get & Apply Vouchers

26 June, 2017 | Viona
Lazada Online Shopping Guide: How to Get & Apply Vouchers

It’s an open secret in online shop market that purchasing items by applying a Lazada voucher or promotional code will get you a significant price cut. The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to find the so-called coupons. That’s the reason why this article will tell you everything you need to know about

• Types of voucher

• Voucher use instructions

• Voucher availability

Lazada is, actually, one of the online shops that provide a generous amount of coupons and promotion codes in almost every month. If you want to buy something from Lazada, now is your best chance for the website offers a lot of discounts for the Ramadhan holiday celebration. Before that, let’s see how many types of token that Lazada online shopping has.

Types of vouchers

There are four types of coupons that Lazada Online Shopping used on its website and each of them has a different function. Some of them are distributed daily and other is given to those who subscribe to Lazada’s Newsletter. You can see the types of token below:

• Promotional voucher

• Newsletter voucher

• Refund voucher

• Unused voucher

All the promo code mentioned above has the terms and conditions that need to be followed or otherwise, you can’t apply it. Please keep in mind that different voucher has a different requirement.


• Promotional Voucher

Lazada Promotional voucher code is the kind of coupon that given out daily and has a purpose of promoting a particular brand, product, or event. There’s no minimum spending or maximum discounts that you can get. However, be alert that this token’s expiration date is on the same day when you received it or until the maximum usage has been met.


• Newsletter Voucher

You can guess from the name of the ticket that this promo code is given out only for those who signed up for Lazada’s Newsletter. Unlike the promotional code above, the newsletter coupon has a minimum spending and maximum discounts limit. This type of voucher is only for a month or 30 days and non-renewable, meaning you no longer can use that ticket once it passed the expiration date.


• Refund Voucher

Not all customers can get this type of coupon for this ticket is only gifted as a compensation for a returned item. If you give back your order, probably because of long shipping time or wrong items, Lazada Olshop (Online Shop) will give you a refund voucher (only after they accept your reason for returning the items). This type of coupon will last for 30 days and it’s renewable.

• Unused Voucher

This coupon is distributed to customers whose tickets have expired. However, this token is only applicable to refund and compensation voucher. Be careful, though, once your refund and compensation ticket is restored, you only have another 30 days to redeem it. After the coupon passed the expiration date again, there won’t be any renewal.

Note: Remember to always check the expiration date of your vouchers. Don’t forget to redeem it when you go shopping on Lazada online shop website next time.

Voucher Use Instruction

It’s easy to redeem the coupon. How? Whenever you want to check out, you will notice a column with “Enter voucher” on the right side. Input the promo code into the bar and clicks apply. See the picture below for a better understanding.

Remember some code needs you to login to your account before allowing you to redeem it, but another coupon like Lazada’s promotional voucher not required a login. It’s also good to note that certain ticket has minimum spending and if you don’t meet the terms and conditions, your voucher will become invalid.

Note: To avoid that, make sure to check if your token has been applied to your purchase before submitting the request items. Why? Once you have clicked “Place your order”, you can’t return to redeem your voucher. If you want to redeem it, you have to go shopping again with different cart or order.


Lazada Voucher Availability

Many people claim that they find it hard to find Lazada promo code 2017. If you’re one of that people, no need to worry for this subheading will tell you where you can get the Lazada promotional code.

If you often go to Lazada website whether, via PC or apps, you won’t miss the tokens. Why? There are at least three possible places where you mostly see and get Lazada voucher 2017.

• Banners on the website

• Banners on the app

• Lazada social media posts

Every time you go to the website, you will notice the big banner on the “Homepage” right? If you usually skip the banner and directly go shopping, you might want to change your habit. Set aside your time to see what kind of discount including the promotional code that Lazada has on that day from the banner.

Another way to get the voucher is through Lazada’s newsletter. Once you subscribe to it, within 24 hours, a Lazada Newsletter voucher will be sent to your email (See screenshot below). If you don’t get the voucher, you can contact the Lazada customer service.


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