Top 5 Cheap Aliexpress Hair Care Styling Tools to Own

29 November, 2016 | Meri
Top 5 Cheap Aliexpress Hair Care Styling Tools to Own

From automatic hair curler to high-quality hair straightener, check our list of top 5 must have Aliexpress hair care styling tools!

You want to make straight hair – wavy, or your wavy hair - straight? With high-quality hair styling tools, your hair will look just the way you want it!

Check the best 5 Aliexpress hair care styling tools you must have if you want to look perfect every day!

Five Best Aliexpress Hair Care Styling Tools

1. Professional Curling Iron – This professional curling iron has PTC heating, fast heating and a selection of 3 LED temperatures (from 150 to 200 degrees Celsius). The universal double voltage is between 100 and 240V and the power is between 60 and 100W. The front end of the plastic protective cap, heat insulation is more suitable for hand operation. The price is between $21.83 and $22.59 and you can choose between pink and black color.

Aliexpress Hair Care

2. Automatic & Titanium Hair Curler – This high-quality titanium hair curler has LCD display temperature, powerful heating system ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery, one and off switch with an indicator light, heat ready indicator, and salon length swivel cord. You have the option to set the time, you can choose any time from 5 to 15 seconds, an option to choose whether you want loose natural curls, soft bouncy curls, or defined curls and an option to set the temperature from 160 to 230 degrees Celsius. The price is between $33.06 and $36.54 and you can choose between white or pink color. The price includes the automatic hair curler and a user manual.

Aliexpress Hair Care

3. Professional Hair Dryer – This professional hair dryer is more suitable for professional use. With 220-240V voltage, 2400-3500W high power, and three temperature control (cold, hot, or room temperature air adjusting) this dryer can be yours for $49.90 with free shipping included. It has a 2 Wind speed control which allows to quickly shape your hairstyle, a 3m power cable which is safe and durable, and hydra releases negative ions which prevent hair injuries. With buying this product you will receive a 1-year warranty, 1-year free renewal.

Aliexpress Hair Care

4. Riwa X5 Hair Clip Trimmer – This ultra-quiet professional hair trimmer has a soft sound and low noise, fast charging time (1.5 hours use time), and R obtuse angle which helps in preventing the skin from damages. The Riwa X5 trimmer is a combination of beauty and strength, with 2X attachment combs, a worldwide voltage of 100-240 V and 50/60HZ, 4 hours fast charging time, and 2X 600mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery. The price is $22.90.

Aliexpress Hair Care

5. High-Quality Professional Straightener – The last products from our list – Aliexpress hair care styling tools is this professional 100% original hair straightener. With 220-240V voltage, high-quality ABS material, aluminum heating plate, and ceramic coating, this hair straightener can be yours for $22.95 with free shipping included. It has 80-230 degree adjustment, LCD display, hydra release negative ions which make the hair smoother, and 1-2m power cord. The power cord can be rotated 360 °. With buying this products you will receive 3-year warranty!

Aliexpress Hair Care

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