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Aliexpress Wedding, place to get all wedding stuff need - If you are looking for some great stuff for your wedding with the best quality and price, Aliexpress, is all you need to opt for to get the best and worth of it

Is your wedding day coming up? AliExpress wedding has all to offer for that specific day, from wedding dresses, wedding accessories and much more all under reasonable prices. Do not fret yourself over finding the right wedding dress both offline and online, AliExpress is there to meet your needs and expectations with prices ranging from $50.00 to a little over $2,000.00.
However, other online shopping platforms with a variety of wedding dresses include and, but comparatively recognized as a trading platform unlike the two which are super big supplying companies.

Aliexpress Wedding

Moreover, AliExpress has been diversified with different sellers registered under the platform to sell their products there. As a result, when you buy a product at AliExpress you deal with the seller directly, but the entire transaction is under the supervision of an AliExpress staff.

It is important to note that seller at AliExpress are under verified terms of qualifications during the application process when they apply for membership. Also, prices of their products vary from similar to different goods. Although, most suppliers are honest and trustworthy, some might be scammers; therefore it is important to check out for positive customer reviews before making a product purchase.

Aliexpress Wedding

Manufacturer and quality control

As stated above, the different suppliers under AliExpress could also be the manufacturer, the dresses have been categorized into small and medium-sized factories, or family owed workshops. The biggest manufacturing stations of bridal wear in China are Suzhou and Guangzhou.

Most preferably, you can directly choose either of each seller then call them to inquire about whether they are just manufacturer or middle-men. Most importantly, buying straight from the manufacturer could save you a lot of expenses; ask to see a sample of their wedding dresses pieces beforehand.

AliExpress is mainly the third party and that is why they have no control of items available on their sites, hence to determine the quality standard will depend on the amount of positive customer reviews on their site.

Price and Free Shipping

Judging by the different price ranges AliExpress wedding offers a huge selection of bridal wear for you to choose from. It has been rated one of the biggest online platforms to shop for your gown, it can be a luxurious one or a super cheap one. Free shipping is mainly for promotional purposes and available on select items.

Tips on buying AliExpress wedding dresses and accessories

  • They are cost effective as compared to buying clothes from online platforms based in America or British, saves money for you while shopping.
  •  The product quality might be the same, excellent or even lower quality than US/UK items, like a whirlwind you never know what to expect.
  •  When ordering online it takes time before it arrives.
  • Sometimes luck might be on your side of finding a wedding gown that can be hard to find elsewhere.
  • The accessories ordering has no assurance on whether it is genuine or not, until it arrives.

Aliexpress Wedding

Styles and customization service

The wedding dresses catalogue on AliExpress has over 460,000 items, each under a wide range of choices from embroidered, sheath, lace dresses and much more, since it is the only online trading platform with all these varieties let us talk about the ‘ designer inspired wedding dresses’.

China are very poor when it comes to creating wedding gowns, hence the designer inspired gowns so as to implement style designs by the world’s best renowned designers. But, if you want an Asian or Chinese inspired wedding gown, most likely you will get an original design.

There are different types of seller, the professional type understands the European or American sizing standard. The Chinese standard is different; likewise, it is important to know your specific body measure measurement, you do not want to have one of those bad days!

Aliexpress Wedding

Making payments

For now, AliExpress accept payment from Visa, Moneybookers, MasterCard and bank transfer, Debit card such as Maestro, Solo, Carte Bleue, PostePay, CartaSi, and 4B and can also be included in your payment plan.

After all the payments it will be delivered to your AliExpress account, after confirmation in case of any issue you are allowed to submit a dispute and once the problem has been solved, you can get a refund.

Aliexpress Wedding


Most online platforms such as eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress and much more usually have customer complaints, some of the scams includes, protecting the seller rather the buyer, putting them under liability.

  • Before buying an expensive wedding dress you should be cautious, there are many things that might be at risk here.
  • Tricked to change your negative feedback to a positive one so as to receive a refund after 30 days, which is obviously a scam.

To make your online transaction as smooth as possible

Check feedback: The seller must have positive feedbacks, especially when it concerns the shipping process.

Be patient: Takes about 15 to 30 days before it arrives, more than that you might need to raise a case.

File a complaint within 45 days if your item has not arrived via buyer protection: In case of such an issue contact AliExpress so as to reverse the transaction.

Be aware of the standard sizing range: Different countries use different sizing system, if you want your dress to fit perfectly you need to learn more about the Chinese sizing system.

Aliexpress Wedding

Likewise, it is important to contact the seller and request for a photo of the actual wedding dress that is meant to be sold to you. At AliExpress almost all sellers use promotional photo for a website, that is why is most cases what you see online is not what it looks like in real life.

Ultimately, if you are a little skeptical on buying a wedding item from AliExpress wedding section with some unreliable sellers and scammers, you can try bigger supplying companies such as, or They will deal with your order abruptly, in situation of any problem contact them as soon as possible.

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