Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Deal Includes Alcatel Idol 5S

06 July, 2017 | Viona
Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Deal Includes Alcatel Idol 5S

If you don’t know about Alcatel Idol S flagship, you’re not alone. This isn’t the kind of phone that stands out in the Android market competition. Most gamers, however, know this mobile for its great VR (Virtual Reality) performances. Many people don’t buy this Smartphone unless they’re a hardcore fan of VR. Amazon states that they will include this Alcatel Idol 5S into its Prime Exclusive Phone bargain. Is Amazon’s bargain deal for that phone is good? Let’s see below.

Amazon Prime bargain deal (Alcatel Idol 5S)

Amazon offers a solid deal for Amazon Prime Subscriber to get the unlocked version of Alcatel Idol 5S for only $200 from $350. If you decided to buy the mobile through the deal, the Smartphone will be shipped on July 10 and that’s a good price for a well-rounded device.

Is it sounds too good to be true? You guess it right. The $200 bargain deal of Alcatel Idol 5S will contain a lot of Amazon’s offers and ads, enough to turn your mobile into a tiny billboard. If you don’t like that idea, you can buy the standard version for $280, and yes the $80 for the removal fee. Whichever version you get, the specification is the same. Scroll down the page to see the Alcatel Idol 5S specs.

Alcatel Idol 5S Specification

Alcatel Idol 5S specs aren’t that bad, measuring a 5.2-inch AMOLED display panel with the resolution of 1080 x 1920. This mobile uses Qualcomm’s chipset processor, the eight cores Snapdragon 625 completed with 3GB of RAM.

Because this device is meant for VR experience, it has a pretty big internal storage of 32GB that expandable via microSD. In terms of camera, Alcatel Idol 5S features a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front snapper. Since both cameras have OIS, the photo taken will not be blurry.

Alcatel Idol 5S

Just like other recent gadgets, Alcatel’s newest phone will also have a fingerprint scanner, but we don’t know for sure yet how advanced this tech will be since there isn’t any further information about that. Fast charging, document viewer, photo/video editor, etc features will be included.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific information about the battery, too, except that it is a non removable Li-lon. Alcatel Idol 5S will pre-install on Android 7.0 Nougat OS and will support dual SIM. When will it launch?

Release Date Timeline

As for the release date of this device, we don’t know for sure since its status is still a rumor. There isn’t much information other than this as this phone was just announced 3 months ago. The comparison specs between Alcatel Idol 5S and 4S, however, shows that the latest idol series won’t feature specification as good as the 4S.

Please note that the unlocked version only works for AT&T and T-Mobile, but Amazon states that Verizon and Sprint will be included in the summer. We recommend you to see other mid-range phones like Moto G series before pulling the trigger as both are sitting on the same price range.

We will let you know whenever we get new information about Alcatel Idol 5S. As for now, it’s best for you to also look on other mid-range devices.

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