The Amigoo X18 with strong multimedia support

04 March, 2017 | Nyakundi
The Amigoo X18 with strong multimedia support

Do you love listening to music? Are you always seeking to catch up with the latest released movie clips via phone? Now, if you have been looking for a cheaper phone alternative to using in multimedia applications, then the new Amigoo X18 is likely to loom larger in your list. This phone works as cute as it looks. On a scale of 10, this phone is worth a 9.2 rating.

Memory & Processor

The X18 mobile has an internal storage capacity of 8GB and a RAM capacity of 512MB. The external storage can be extended up to 32GB. The processor has a frequency of 1.3GHz and a 533MHz RAM access speed. When contrasting the two features, it becomes clear that the phone has a fast processing speed but a relatively slower accessing speed. Thus, it may be great for video streaming as well as running simple applications. However, it may experience delays if you use it in video gaming.

Amigoo X18 Physical outlook

This phone is surely a work of art when it comes to its physical design. …Don’t doubt it. It has a flat 5.5’ display screen with an ultra-thin thickness. A slightly curved on the edge back plastic cover completes the design making it look much like an iPhone. It is also light enough as it weights just about 145 grams. I know to some phone users 145g that may not be too portable. But boy, given its pricing; that is far too good.


Screen and Display

Amigoo X18 phone has a 5.5-inch screen. The screen has a 540Px by 960Px resolution. Furthermore, it has an image sharpness of 200PPI (Pixels per Inch). Taking into consideration all the above aspects, it is clear that the phone is really good in displaying images and videos. While the 5.5’ display will provide a larger viewing screen, the 200ppi will ensure the images look clearer. Thus, this phone is really great for multimedia applications. It also has a 24-bit color depth. Thus, it is able to display about 16b colors!

Phone Battery

Amigoo suggested that the X18 could battery has a 2500mAh charge capacity. In addition, this phone can last up to 10 hours talk-time. On a keen analysis, I considered this phone’s battery to be average. It may be good if were used for simple applications that do not require a lot of charges. It is possible that if you use your phone often (may be in calling or watching videos), then you may need to acquire a power bank.

Multimedia Support

Herein is kept the strongest feature of the Amigoo X18. This phone is able to support a variety of multimedia applications owing to the inbuilt strong display features. In addition to the display features, this phone has a nice gravity sensor, when these two combine; they give one a great feeling when playing video games. Even so, this phone is still not the finest gadget for playing video games owing to its limited RAM memory. But when comparing the X18 with most phones of its category, this is surely a feature worth reckoning.

Amigoo X18

Amigoo X18 Camera

This phone has a camera resolution of 2MP (which can be extensible up to 5MP) to both its front and rear cameras. The digital camera uses CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) sensors to autofocus. It also relays video images at 30fps. The phone’s camera application enables it to have other advanced features like the touch-focus, face detection, geotagging, and panorama among others

Pros and Cons

Amigoo X18 Pros:

  • Cheap.
  • Hot design.
  • Great multimedia support.
  • A huge external memory support

Amigoo X18 Cons:

  • Limited battery life. Though it has got a great battery, the X18 could easily drain if you engaged much on multimedia or prolonged calls.
  • Camera: the 2MP camera is not such a cool feature. Though it can be extended to accommodate 5MP, I feel it is still not at the bar with modern smartphones on this.

The Amigoo X18 in brief

Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-core, 533MHz RAM access speed.

Memory: 8GB ROM, 512MB RAM

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Screen Size: 5.5 inches

Camera: 2MP (both front and rear)

Type: 3G & 2G dual-sim Phone.

Approximate Price: $65

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