Android 6 Marshmallow: What is adoptable storage?

04 July, 2017 | Jarriuss
Android 6 Marshmallow: What is adoptable storage?

How it works (Android 6 Marshmallow)

When it comes to internal storage we’ve all faced those situations where we are trying to download an application but can’t because our phones have insufficient storage. Previously you either had to delete some applications off of your phone or install a secondary microSD storage card in order to install the new applications however this is all going to be a thing of the past pretty soon. With the new Android 6 Marshmallow you have the ability to merge your external storage card and your internal storage into one.

This phenomenon is known as adoptable storage, adoptable storage on Android devices allows you to take a separate microSD and combine it with your internal system storage. Previously external storage was just that, separate from the total system storage of your device. This led to many problems such as consistent insufficiency of storage and the user having to switch between both storage systems in order to access what they need.

How it helps (Android 6 Marshmallow)

Now that you have the ability to merge external storage with your onboard system storage problems such as these can be avoided completely. Let’s say for example you only have about 10GB of internal storage available on your device and need to expand the space but don’t have a way of doing so. Now with adoptable storage capabilities you can install a microSD card with however much storage you need and combine it with your internal storage. This gives you the ability to transform your 64GB device into a 164GB device by simply inserting an external memory chip.

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Many of you might already be familiar with the “move app” feature on Android which allows you to move certain applications to your external SD card for use and accessibility. While this feature can be helpful if you need extra space on your device it requires a lot of work and applications may even lag due to the fact that your phone has to constantly pull the data from the external memory card. With the introduction of adoptable storage you don’t have to worry about these situations anymore. You see adoptable storage combines your very external memory card with the internal system memory of your phone making them as one.

That being said applications installed on the SD card will no longer run slowly because the system and external memory operate from the same chip. This will eliminate all previous issues that relate to external and internal system memory. Adoptable storage will alleviate the need to manually move applications to the SD card one by one and it even speeds up the system all together being that your SoC has more memory to access as needed.

How to use it

In order to use adoptable storage you will need an Android device running the latest system version which is Android 6 Marshmallow. Once you have a device running Marshmallow you need to find a microSD card. Once you insert the microSD you will be prompted to set-up the storage, you will see the options “portable” and “internal” portable is the standard external memory option separate from your internal system. The internal set-up option is the one you need to choose in order to access adoptable storage capabilities, once you set-up the microSD card as the internal system memory your phone will erase all of the current contents off of your microSD card so make sure that you have everything you need off the card before doing this.

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After you’ve set-up the memory card as internal storage you will see an option to migrate data, this will take all current media and contents on your phone and transfer it to the microSD card. After you’ve done all of these steps your microSD card will now be in synchronization with your internal memory. If you want to remove your microSD card after combining it with your internal system storage then go to the setting menu and format it as “portable” this will remove the embedded application data and migrate it back to your internal system memory. After you’ve done that you will have the option of removing the storage safely.

Now that you know everything there is to know about adoptable storage go ahead and see if it’ll work for expanding your phone’s memory in order to free up some space and give you additional storage for installing new applications.

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