Android O (Android 8.0 Oreo): Features, Release date And Updates

09 August, 2017 | Akin
Android O (Android 8.0 Oreo): Features, Release date And Updates

The Android O release and will probably become Android 8.0 Oreo. Google talked up the previously announced features in its latest Android version; Android O brings some performance improvements and new features, which will make Android a lot more pleasant to use.

The first version of Android O developer preview was released in March for preview, with the second developer preview releasing ing during Google I/O in May, and the third developer preview in June. The final and fourth developer preview arrived in July. Here are all the new changes, features and things you should know about the Android O.

Android O release date

Android O

Google posted the new dropping timeline on the developer site, which tells us that the final release of the new Android 8.0 is expected in Q3 2017, but there's no specific date fixed yet. Based on the launch of Nougat version, which was first rolled out in August 2016, we're expecting Android O to be released to the public sometime towards the end of August.

Confirmed Android O features

Android O version introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. This article highlights what's new for users and developers.


Android O allows activities to be launch in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. Google is bringing the new PiP features, which will enable users to continue watching videos on their phone while working on other apps. Launching it is as easy as pressing the home button while the video is playing. The video then becomes a small window on the home screen, so you can do whatever you need to do. This feature is perfect for larger-screened phones.

Android O

Adaptive icons

Google O introduces adaptive launcher icons. This feature enables developers and users to use different-shaped application icons depending on the manufacturer’s preference. In addition, these new adaptive icons will animate based on user interaction and have you seen the animation demo.

Autofill with Google

Like Chrome and other web browsers, it will now be possible to autofill content into forms using your Android devices. Android O makes this easy by allowing the OS to autofill your info across the web page and apps. Using autofill on the Web save some time inputting things like addresses and credit card numbers. Those using phones will be able to “choose an autofill app option, similar to the way they choose a keyboard app”. Users can set specific application to manage how forms are filled.

Android O

Notification control

Google is grouping notifications into different channels that provide users greater control over app notification categories. The new channels will let developers create a 'unified system' to let phone users manage the notifications they see. I t will be possible to set notification priorities and importance levels through an entire channel.

Restricted background

Google reduce the background activity of apps in Android O to improve the battery life of Android devices. Background limits represent a substantial change in Android OS, so Smartphone user can now easier open few apps that won't have much impact on a user’s battery thus improving the device's interactive performance.

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