Android O Will Be Released Next Week: Things You Can Expect

13 August, 2017 | Viona
Android O Will Be Released Next Week: Things You Can Expect

There weren’t many updates about Google’s latest Operating System, Android O since the beta version released on Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel Smartphones several months ago. However, a recent tweet from David Ruddock suggests that the OS will be launched on either August 9 or August 10, 2017. Since we don’t know for sure whether this information is trustworthy or not, it’s better to wait and see. As the released of Android O is near, what can you expect from Google’s latest OS?

Android O features

It is believed that Android O will bring more and more fabulous traits to Smartphone owners. All the features that will be carried by Android O are designed to give users more experiences in using that OS. See below the most anticipated significant features of Android O.

Android O

• Revamped Settings App

If you’re using the Android 7.0 Nougat, the setting app still uses the side navigation menu. However, when you update the OS with Android O, that side navigation that was first introduced in Android 7.0 Nougat will be redesigned and reorganized with something else to make the settings options easier and intuitive.

• Snooze notifications

Have you ever felt annoyed when you do something or play a game, then a notification pop up on your screen and you slide it aside only to forget about it? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore since Android O carries an option to snooze the notification for several minutes and let the notification to pop up again once it has passed the time duration that you set earlier.

• Turn the navigation bar

The main reason why people choose Android over iOS is its awesome level of customization. You can change the navigation bar at the bottom of your phone. Moreover, it’s also possible to select the on-screen navigation buttons and the layout with a different theme that suits your personal preferences. You will also able to add extra buttons like a clipboard widget or keyboard changer.

Android O

• Lock screen shortcuts

After updating your mobile to Android O, you can customize the shortcut that appears in the bottom right corners of your lock screen. In addition to that, any installed apps can also be added as a shortcut.

• Notification channels

Google’s latest OS will enable users to manage their apps notifications, as each app will create different channels for the notification that it offers. You can choose which notification you want to see. For example, if you have PlayStation Store apps, you can choose to receive the notification for the newest game in RPG genre and not in Survival horror genre.

• Picture in picture mode

This Android O’s feature will allow you to watch a video while operating another app. To make it simple, you can watch YouTube video while reading news on Yahoo. Depending on your Smartphone’s CPU and processor ability, this task might make your Smartphone laggy.

• Notification badges

This trait has been available through some third-party launchers like Nova launcher. Nevertheless, we believe this feature will be improved and you don’t need to find a workaround to activate it when Android O update is released.

Android O


The features mentioned above are just several traits that Android O has. There are still plenty of other traits that we don’t review in this article as we also still in the gray about this Google’s latest OS’ full potential.

All we can do right now is crossing our fingers and hope that this rumor or speculations about the release Of Android O is true. Granted the release date news is credible, we can expect that the features are more or less also true.

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