AnTuTu Benchmark–Perfect App to Measure Android Handset’s Performance

24 June, 2017 | Viona
AnTuTu Benchmark–Perfect App to Measure Android Handset’s Performance

If you are one of tech enthusiasts, you mostly know about several benchmark tool apps like AnTuTu, GFXBench, 3D Mark, Basemark OS II, and Vellamo. Those five free-to-download Antutu benchmark tools are considered as the best. Among those five benchmark apps mentioned above, AnTuTu is the most famous one. Scroll down and read this article if you want to know about AnTuTu’s

• History

• Benchmarking target and newest update

For those who don’t know, benchmarking, in IT term, is the act of running a number or trials and tests against a set of operating computer programs, or other operations to assess the relative performance of the gadget’s hardware. Before we see the benchmark target of AnTuTu, Let’s see its short history.


AnTuTu benchmark 2017 tool is a Chinese’s phone benchmark app which commonly uses to test out phones or devices’ hardware performances. It’s very popular compared to other benchmarking platforms. The foundation company of this program is based on Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Antutu Benchmark

Later on, two Chinese entrepreneurs, Shào Yīng and Liáng Bīn were co-founded the benchmark tool which now called AnTuTu. There isn’t more information about those two persons as all data were written in Chinese characters and the fact that China doesn’t like to share details information about its manufacturers to outside world (Western countries) adding more reasons on why the information is very limited.

Benchmarking target and newest update (Antutu Benchmark)

As a No. 1 benchmark app, AnTuTu measures the general purpose that most benchmarking tools do by scoring a device in different areas including general UI responsiveness, CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O. When testing your device, each item is individually tested and given a score. The result marks will, later on, be combined into a final point that you end up with.

antutu benchmark

Your final score can be uploaded to the AnTuTu database and use it to rank your device among all other Smartphones. The newest version of AnTuTu is AnTuTu 6.0 which provides these following new features:

• Designed 3D Testing Scene

• UX testing items and increase UX Testing proportion

• Additional CPU Testing

• Score Proportion

• Enable cross-platform

If you check AnTuTu’s benchmark ranking 2017, you can see the Top 50 best performance Smartphone table. At this moment, iPhone 7s Plus is sitting on the highest rank while the second and the third ranking are given to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Antutu benchmark

It’s good to remember that the AnTuTu benchmark scores are mostly defined by the hardware configuration; however, other elements like system node, current device temperature, running apps and etc can influence the final result. That’s the reason why that every time you test your gadget the point result will slightly vary.

You can download the app in Google Play Store or on its official website, with the latter coming in apk. It’s recommended to get the app via Google Play Store so you don’t have to re-download the apk file every time a new update is released.

Another reason why you shouldn’t download the AnTuTu apk files is that there are mainly just testers and not the full version. It means that you still have to seek the full version one. What a waste of time and internet mobile data, right?

Note: Since AnTuTu benchmark is very common and popular, several hardware manufacturers have found a way to cheat on the benchmark test, making the platform slightly unreliable. In response to this news, AnTuTu doesn’t’ sit on its hands. The company has created a new benchmark, the improved version of the old AnTuTu benchmark and named it, AnTuTu X. This new software will make those cheaters hardware manufacturers think twice.

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