Backup Android Phone : Simple Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

25 June, 2017 | Akin
Backup Android Phone : Simple Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

You should always backup Android phone. It’s one of the most necessary things a person needs to do with their electronics. You never know when things will go wrong,it’s imperative that you have a backup in place to avoid losing all your files.

Here we’ll be going over easy ways that owners can use to backup Android smartphones or tabs. Everything from apps,contacts to photos and video backup. Read this guide and be prepared in the case of loss, theft or other situations.

How to Backup Android Phone

You can back up data, content, and settings from your Android device. You can restore your backed-up information to the original device or another Android device.Before you can do anything, you’ll have to make sure you sign-in to your account on the phone. This article will also provide you with a full guide on how to backup Android phone to PC, including syncing the phone with a computer via USB to backup your apps, contacts, messages, photos, music, video and more.

Google backup

Backup Android Phone

Google is more than ready to help keep all your data and apps safe.Here you'll find an option for backing up your data. Your Gmail, contact address book, Apps, photos, documents and much more are all under your Google account even though they appear to be in separate apps and services. All of this will be tied to your Google account, which you can set to restore when you re-install an app automatically.


Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to safeguard (Backup Android Phone)your Android phone is by taking advantage of the free cloud services. With the cloud, you can have access to all your backed-up stuff such as documents or media; cloud services won’t charge you any money to store your files. You will need a password to access your files, and most cloud services also provide two-step authentication, which also requests for a one-time code sent to your device.

Helium app sync and backup

Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

Using this Helium app, you can backup and restore your all apps to your device or your computer depending on your preferences. It's probably one of the best android backup apps without root. However, you will need a bit of technical know-how to make this work efficiently. Install Helium app from the Google Play Store, once you've got access to Helium's, you can make backups and restore files from your Android phone or tabs internal storage, or a micro SD card, in case your device has a slot.

Samsung smart switch

Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

Samsung backup app is called Smart Switch, here you plug your phone in, and you can pull data from it for safe keeping on your computer. Smart Switch will back up your contacts, photos, apps, device settings, messages, music, and calendar. It's also perfect for transferring everything from one phone to a new Samsung phone or updating the software if you would rather use a PC instead of doing it through the phone itself.

Apple iCloud

Ways to Backup Your Smartphone

Most iPhone and Mac users use iCloud. You can backup iPhone contact, calendars, email, photos, music and bookmarks between iOS devices, PCs and Macs but you only get 5GB of free storage. Most apps on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac save files to iCloud by default, and you can have access each of them from iCloud Drive online.

Backup your contacts Samsung backup app Best Android backup apps without root Backing up your data icloud Samsung smart switch Syncing the phone with a computer via USB
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