The Best Top 3 Cutting-Edge Aliexpress Tablets You Can Buy

21 November, 2016 | Meri
The Best Top 3 Cutting-Edge Aliexpress Tablets You Can Buy

Check the top 3 high-quality and cutting edge Aliexpress tablets – These are the best tablets you can buy online right now!

If you are planning on buying a new tablet you have come to the right place as we are going to present you the best tablets you can buy online right now!

These top 3 high-quality Aliexpress tablets we’ve chosen for you can definitely meet your needs and standards! Take a look and share your opinion with us!

Top 3 best Aliexpress Tablets

1. Teclast X98 Plus II – The Teclast X98 Plus II comes with Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core up to 1.84GHz CPU processor and Intel HD Graphic GPU. This tablet adopts Android 5.1 OS and 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM. The 20148 X 1536 resolution and 9.7 inches capacitive screen bring you a perfect visual enjoyment.

Aliexpress Tablets

The tablet supports HDMI, Bluetooth function, dual cameras, G-sensor, multi-touch, and OTG. The price is $145.

Aliexpress Tablets

2. Xiaomi MiPad 2 – The Xiaomi MiPad 2 is ultrathin with an all-metal body. It has a 7.9 inches Retina display (326 ppi), 6010 mAh battery, and supports fast charge. This tablet allows you to capture moments in vivid details. With 1080p full HD video recording and excellent low-light performance, photos and videos look outstanding captures from either the 8MP rear camera or the 5MP back camera. The huge f/2.0 aperture also allows you to get more background blur of your images.

Aliexpress Tablets

You can check e-mails and browse faster with the dual-band Wi-Fi or project your PowerPoint slides with using Wi-Fi display. Xiaomi MiPad 2 can improve your workplace efficiently. MiPad 2 is 38g lighter and 18% thinner than the previous generation. The Intel Atom X5-Z8500 Quad-Core processor delivers breakthrough CPU performance which makes this tablet as powerful as a gaming console. The tablet is available in 2 colors – silver and gold, and the price is between $173.91 and $295.65.

Aliexpress Tablets

3. Chuwi Hi12 – Chuwi Hi12 has an original IPS Retina display (12 inches 2K Retina display, 2160 X 1440 resolution, 400 lumens). It is thin and light and adopts the all-metal unibody design. Chuwi Hi12 is known for its big capacity – 4GB high-speed and low-power dissipation dual channel DDR3L RAM, 64GB eMMc ROM. It runs steadily and quickly and the reading speed is up to 150MB/s. It shows big progress when it comes to the processor – Intel X5 Cherry Trail Processor with 1.84GHz performance and 14nm technique.

Aliexpress Tablets

The graphics are also improved – the 8th HD Graphics GPU with 12 EU. It supports Directx12 special effect and G-sensor. The double big-size USB ports (USB 3.0) are included. The Chuwi Hi12 adopts 64 bit Windows 10 + Android 5.1 OS – the pre-installed licensed Windows 10 supports EXE files. The 2MP front camera and 5MP HD back camera adopt American OV drive chip and CMOS. The price is $343.

Aliexpress Tablets

So, how do you like our selection? Is there any of these Aliexpress tablets that captured your attention? If yes, hurry up and purchase it quickly with just one click!

Regardless of the laptop, you are going to choose, you will be satisfied with your decision! We can guarantee you that!

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