How to Successfully Buy on Aliexpress - Complete Guidance

27 October, 2016 | Meri
How to Successfully Buy on Aliexpress - Complete Guidance

image0 The “shopping cart” feature on Aliexpress is meant to introduce its customers a sense of easy transaction of several goods being ordered at one go. You might be a little reluctant to use it at first, but here are a few steps which will clear all your doubts regarding this feature.

A lot of people want to buy two different articles from the same supplier. Well, no problem! You can do that by clicking a single button. Just keep on reading. Single package with more than one item helps to save money being spent on the shipment charges of each one of them separately.

Add to shopping cart
The first rule regarding volume internet shopping is to click this convenient button if you require more than one item.

Stay logged in to Aliexpress, select your items after a thorough reading of the details and checking up the seller rating.

Just click “Add to shopping cart” and this will be added to the bulk of your potential shopping list. At Aliexpress, you can add up to 100 items in your shopping carts. They can be from different suppliers or the same one as well, the choice is yours.

Items from Different Suppliers
The items selected from different suppliers can be ordered with a single click but the customer won’t receive them in a single package. This won’t even cut down on the shipping costs, but it is hassle-free. The advantage of not receiving it in a single package is that you can easily compare the two items as well as the seller’s compliance to his rating on the site.

To place an order after adding things to your shopping cart, you can select the button “Buy All” in the bottom of your page. The subtotal and total will be mentioned in front of you after you have chosen the quantity of each one of them. The payment will be made together for the customer’s ease and the order will be placed to each seller right away.

Items from the Same Supplier
It won’t be rare to like more than one article from the same selling company. The suppliers offer a wide variety of products and anything else other than what you really needed in the first place can grab your attention. This is not only easy, but proves to be economical as well.

To place the order, you will have to go to your shopping cart and look for the option “Buy All from this seller”. When you click this button, the system automatically combines the goods from the same supplier into one category. The payment will be made by your desired method and after that just wait for your lovely package. Here’s an example when I select two items from the same seller on Aliexpress.

This screenshot shows an arrow indicating other top selling products from the same seller.

This one here shows I selected two products from the same company. The other red square shows how the shipping cost of only one of the items instead of two has been taken into consideration.

The arrow indicates to choose this button.

Hope my tips have been a good help. Happy Shopping!

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