The Best Chinese Drones For 2015/2016

24 May, 2016 | Stef
The Best Chinese Drones For 2015/2016

The Chinese drones 2016 edition is here - and what does the market have to offer?

Drones are the big thing now, and they are certainly the gadgets that sell like hotcakes. A recent report found that during the 2015 Christmas shopping season, the number of drones and UAVs sold was over 1 million globally. So, what does that mean?

It means that drones are not anymore the future. They are the tech reality, improving many sectors and industries and being the leap of innovative faith for many businesses.

Obviously, the cheapest Chinese drones 2016 to buy online are present on the most popular websites. In fact, they are so cheap - that they will make you order one straight away and make the most out of your landscape gazing, party teasing or concert filming.

First of all, before buying one of the Chinese drones 2016 you should know several things:

  • Not every drone is easy to fly
  • Not every drone is ready to fly, you have to do a little setup
  • There are TONS of drones, configurations and options available on the Chinese sites
  • You may want to check some of the best tips and tricks for using a drone

But which Chinese drone to choose? We have the list of top selling Chinese drones at the cheapest prices. So, let's start.

The 7 Best Chinese Drones 2016 Edition  - At The Cheapest Prices

1. UDI U818A ($60) - With the UDI drone, you don't need to buy an external camera. This drone is curvy, crisp and able to take photographs and videos with its built-in camera which films in a decent resolution. With only the battery being the main issue that lasts from 6 to 8 minutes, the UDI drone comes at an incredibly cheap price as a low-cost Chinese drone under $100 - best used in calm outdoor conditions.

udi_drone - chinese drones 2016

2. X6SW ($119) - This hundred-dollar Chinese drone is equipped with some stable features such as 3d lock, scheduled flights and precise operations. It works with a 2.4 Ghz transmitter, an USB charger and even allows mobile phone support - you can mount your phone on the transmitter (remote control) and see your (external) camera in action! You can choose from 3 color variations: white, red and blue.

x6sw drone - chinese drones 2016

3. MJX X101 ($70-$105) - With a camera holder included in the package, the cheap MJX Chinese drone is a true piece of gadget design at its best. Featuring 3 colors: silver, gold and gray and different pricing options for each, the MJX X101 takes about 40 minutes to be charged and works with 2 AA batteries. It has special propeller props and stable 'legs' for better landing.

mjx drone - chinese drones 2016

4. SYMA X5SW FPV ($75) - Another one on the list of budget Chinese drones 2016 under $100 is the SYMA. Offering a whole palette of color options, the SYMA works on 5 batteries and is very well packed in a safe box. The SYMA Chinese drone has a flying time of about 7 minutes and a 2.4 GHz frequency, topped off with special Android and iOS apps you can download.

syma drone - chinese drones 2016

5. JJRC H8D (about $120) - This cheap Chinese drone comes with a camera as well, apart from the blades, controller and USB cable. It is a Chinese top seller drone and features a crisp picture, a 3D mode, special fine tuning features and many speed options.

jjrc drone - chinese drones 2016

6. JJRC Nano Hexacopter ($17) - A Chinese drone under $20? Is it for real? Yes it is - the JJRC Nano Hexacopter is among the cheapest drones in the world and offers radio control, 3D rollover, sideward flying and a 5-6 minutes flying time. With a built-in battery and only 25 minutes charging, you can consider this Chinese drone as the one you should start with.

jjrc hexacopter drone - chinese drones 2016

7. SYMA X5C ($35-$60) - If your budget for a drone is somewhere around $50, one of the best Chinese drones manufacturers SYMA can greet you with a 6-axis drone featuring a 2MP HD camera. As one of the Chinese drone best sellers, the X5C is definitely one of the best budget Chinese drones 2016 to consider and have fun with.

syma x5c drone - chinese drones 2016

So, have you made up your mind?

Be prepared for some amazing moments and glorious pictures from the high air! Our Chinese drones 2016 edition above has all the best picks for your utmost fun.

chinese drones 2015 2016 chinese drones
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