Chinese Hair Extensions: 3 Suppliers Really Worth It

11 May, 2016 | Stef
Chinese Hair Extensions: 3 Suppliers Really Worth It

Every woman deserves the right to look glamorous, and Chinese hair extensions can help a lot in that manner. Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, prom or any other special occasion, a hair extension must be perfect.

Are you looking for  hair extensions online? If yes is your answer, let us recommend some of the very best picks - powered by some of the best reviewed extensions and featured in many magazines and blogs.

#1 - New Star Hair Company - Chinese hair extensions

new star Chinese hair extensions

This company is one of the best selling ones if you want to buy virgin hair on a Chinese marketplace. Buyers have agreed a lot on this point, and have reviewed hair by New Star on YouTube as well. Simply put, the hair received from New Star is gorgeous, really virgin and thick, coming with full ends. Whether you are looking for curly or straight hair, the team behind New Star always makes sure to provide the best hair extensions.

#2 - Queen Love Hair Company - Chinese hair extensions

queen love Chinese hair extensions

These Chinese hair extensions may vary from thirty to hundred dollars depending on their quality. Speaking of quality, Queen Love Hair has been known as another famous Chinese hair extensions supplier which ships big bundles featuring soft and silky hair.  You can wash the hair extensions and they won't shed, which is another sign of great quality in these extensions. Having a hair extension for 6 days and looking great is definitely something you will experience when ordering from Queen Love Hair.

#3 - Laura Hair Company - Chinese hair extensions

laura Chinese hair extensions

Laura's team of experts prove that hair extensions are not only products, but a form of experience. This dedicated team can suggest you the best hair extensions for your hair type but also ship quickly to your preferences. As reviewed by many customers, the Chinese hair extensions at Laura Hair ensure of 100% virgin hair, are thick and soft and don't have any smell. With tons of happy customers and even better hair extensions, Laura Hair is another supplier for Chinese hair extensions you should consider.

In the end, thick, soft and curly or straight is the proven formula to success when ordering Chinese hair extensions. Remember, you can always reinforce your decision and assure a perfect order by leaving a message to the supplier and waiting the response.

chinese china hair extensions
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