Chinese Phones 2016 Edition: What Are The Best Ones To Buy?

01 May, 2016 | Stef
Chinese Phones 2016 Edition: What Are The Best Ones To Buy?

Technology is rapidly evolving, and the Chinese phones 2016 marketplace is now probably hotter than ever, with many new brands showing up and being ready to compete with the famous smartphone giants.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: 'Should I buy a Chinese phone?'

Are you looking for a top-notch camera in a Chinese phone, so you can take crystal clear photos? Or maybe you love gaming so much that Chinese phones 2016 with excellent graphics is what you want?

Whatever your answer may be, there are many Chinese phones 2016 which are excellent value for money and can steadily compete with some of the best phones on the marketplace such as the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S.

Instead of wondering if it is a good decision to make, you can see the best 20 Chinese phones 2016 for the previous and following year to come. We are sharing our top 20 Chinese smartphone picks below:

The 15 Most Popular Chinese Phones 2016

1. UMI Hammer - The Hammer is one of the cheapest Chinese phones under $150 that comes with amazing features such as a HD powered display and a 4G connectivity. Tough and ultra resistant, the UMI Hammer also comes with an amazing camera and an Android system that is customizable and crisp.

chinese phones 2016

2. Kingzone Z1 - The Kingzone Z1 is a three hundred dollar Chinese phone with amazing features. With a solid build and fast performance, this one from the Chinese phones 2016 is smooth and compares well with the popular phones, coming with enhanced fingerprint sensor security and a dozen other features.

chinese phones 2016

3. Ulefone Paris - Coming as another one on the list of budget Chinese phones that are good value for money, the Ulefone Paris offers a lower resolution screen and a decent camera - a phone that simply tops many lists when tight budget is the case.

chinese phones 2016

4. Bluboo Xtouch - This minimalist Chinese phone scores well at the price point, and excels in terms of connectivity and storage. The screen resolution is another crisp aspect, and the camera is acceptable for such great Chinese smartphone under $200 (Import duties may apply however).

chinese phones 2016

5. UMI eMax Mini - This is one of the most affordable Chinese phones 2016 - which offers mid range specs and is great in terms of design and simplicity. The camera has been improved from the previous model and although there are mid-range specs, the UMI eMax Mini is a valuable phone for normal usage.

chinese phones 2016

6. UMI Hammer S - Compared to the eMax Mini, the Hammer S is a bit more expensive but again coming with great design which is apparently the stronger side of UMI. It enforces a genuine technology as well, introducing a fingerprint sensor plus an USB-C.

chinese phones 2016

7. UMI Iron - The Iron by UMI is a Chinese phone with eye-scanning security - a revolutionary feature that is very cool. With a micro USB charging port and a mid-range performance, the Iron is one of the best Chinese phones 2016 under $200.

umi iron

8. UMI eMax - The predecessor of the eMax Mini and a Chinese phone at a cheap price offering great performance and speed - with a big and bright full HD screen but not so lavish design as the eMax mini. Enjoying media and taking pictures however are great on the eMax, and the fact that it comes at a decent ($150) price makes it a choice you can't go wrong with.

umi emax

9. Honor 6 Plus - If you want a large screen, great camera and crisp performance, the Honor 6 Plus comes at a low price of under $400. The great specifications and the strong materials from which it is constructed make this one of the most affordable top-quality Chinese phones on the marketplace.

honor 6 plus

10. Ulefone BeTouch - This 2 hundred dollar Chinese phone is superb fast, has a dual SIM and a 4G connectivity. If that is not enough for you, you can enjoy the fingerprint scanner and the large screen - making it one of the top choices if you are looking for a Chinese phone with great specs.

ulefone b touch

11. Huawei P8 - Maybe Huawei positions itself higher at least when it comes to the price tag. The P8 is a $600 Chinese phone that is excellent in terms of design and hardware, as well as one of the best cameras. However, the buggy software and poor performance is what Huawei users were likely to experience the previous year - but is it better now, we are about to see!

huawei p8

12. UMI Iron Pro - At a similar price as the Iron model, the Iron Pro is upgraded with a faster performance and an EyePrint ID eye scanner. The affordable price (around $160 + import duty) for this phone makes it a better choice than the UMI Iron model, but in general both of the phones run great.

umi iron pro

13. OnePlus One - There are little to not at all bad things to say about the OnePlus One. With expandable storage, great and big display, this is one of the best choices for affordable priced Chinese phones available for you to order now.

oneplus one

14. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - Big and with a detailed display, the Note 3 is one of the affordable Chinese phones with great design and fantastic performance - and in general result in one of the best value for your money. And if 2GB RAM memory and 16GB doesn't seem great to you, to us it seems amazing when linked to a $150 price tag.

redmi note

15. Honor 6 by Huawei - Similar to the iPhone 6, the Honor 6 by Huawei keeps the resemblance in the specs as well, offering a 5 inch Full HD display, a top-notch camera, amazing battery life, 4G support and extendable memory up to 32GB - all coming at a fair price!

honor 6


In the end, choosing the best from the Chinese phones 2016 is a decision you should make by yourself. Certainly the competition is big, however you have to consider the import duty as well when ordering a Chinese phone online - and get a better grasp of the overall summed up price.

Happy shopping!


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