Quality Of Chinese Products - REAL Facts

26 May, 2016 | Stef
Quality Of Chinese Products - REAL Facts

China is the second largest economy that the world knows, and definitely one of the fastest growing ones. Chinese products are a hot topic among shoppers, mainly because of their price and affordability. That being said, the diversity of products known as 'made in China' is great. But what about their quality?

For most people, Chinese products are known as ones with low quality, but very affordable price. However, there are many facts that people ignore when making these assumptions. Today, we are going to list some of the most important facts tied with Chinese products and their quality - and how are they reshaping the world and creating a better future.

1. Behind Alibaba And It's Cross-Border Growth Strategy

Unlike many assumptions that the situation on the Chinese market is underwhelming, the eCommerce giant Alibaba is one of the most popular eCommerce destinations to worldwide shoppers. The sense of quality is determined by the website itself - it offers a distinct selection of featured brands, top rated sellers and must-buy products, which all sum up to the great experience of buying a Chinese product. Apart from this practice, according to statistics, Alibaba is a vital link in the Chinese economy, by providing businesses direct access to the consumers in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere around the world.

2. The Rise Of Ecommerce And The Benefits It Brings

With an oversaturated marketplace, China is widely known as the one-stop source for the most affordable products. There is a gadget for everything, a substitution for every new tech innovation and accessories for making our life better. And when quality comes to place, many western countries have implemented the Chinese contract manufacture process - instead of any other country's one. So, what we can conclude from this is that along with the saturation of the Chinese marketplace, the term 'quality' has shifted to another level in which many famous brands have started to utilize the Chinese manufactory processes - not only because of the cost-effectiveness, but also because of their high expertise in assembling parts.

3. Poor Quality - Or A Poor Choice?

Possibly the main reason for the 'low quality products' assumptions is the following case. Generally, aside from the western firms utilizing the Chinese labor force and providing work for the society, the Chinese firms and factories are targeting the Chinese marketplace. This being said, this domestic marketplace goes for either the best product or the cheapest products. With a low-level standard and salary, the average Chinese consumer has to aim for the best value for price, which leaves the marketplace obliged to compete with low prices and keep the economy at a good level. Therefore, even if a product is better than its predecessor, the standard does not allow the price to be higher simply because of the demand, leaving the manufacturers not rewarded for making incrementally better products.


In the end, the biggest advantage of the Chinese marketplace are the affordable prices. However, this is definitely NOT due to the low quality of the Chinese products, but many factors, some of which stated above. Without the FFC approval, without the legal testing issues and boundaries to take care of, the Chinese products are the safest route to many people - which is why they are affordable, convenient and in many cases - better and better.


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