How to Choose the Right Seller on Aliexpress - Complete Guidance

31 October, 2016 | Meri
How to Choose the Right Seller on Aliexpress - Complete Guidance

Aliexpress is an extensive selling hub for the companies of China. These selling companies could be a of a premium class with an excellent rating or very newly formed companies.

You could be residing in America, Europe or Middle East, fortunately, you have a large access to this great selling hub: Aliexpress. The best feature is that most of the order shipping is free from Aliexpress. Yes, I know, it sounds fun, but a bit risky at the same time.

 Here are a few ways which I will explain briefly to make sure you don’t choose the wrong seller for your desired item.

Online shopping has its shortcomings, but Aliexpress has left no stone unturned to satisfy its customers. With each seller or selling company, you can find the following notable details:

  1. The detailed seller ratings.
  2. The feedback from people who bought the product earlier.
  3. The star rating of the product.

The number of times the product has been ordered.



Let’s focus the basics when choosing the right seller on Aliexpress. For instance, I selected this beautiful pink lipstick, but I need to find out if the seller is friendly and reliable. In the screenshot above, it shows the exact place on the screen where you will find the selling company.

Detailed Seller’s ratings
Once the cursor is placed on the selling company name, you will see detailed seller ratings as also shown in the previous screenshot. You need to review the four elements. Here is another screenshot, which shows the four elements and their visibility to the users:


How long has the store been open?
As you slide the cursor on the store name, it will show some details which refer to the launch date of that store.

The longer a company has been working on Aliexpress, the more reliable does it seem. However, technically speaking a company that has been active on Aliexpress recently and has a huge number of products ordered and positive feedback, is also the right one.

Don’t just check the number of orders and positive feedbacks, but also check for how long the selling company has been working and its buyers rating.

Rating according to the “Item as described”
This might be a tricky one to understand, but it is really important to know about. This is the averaged out rating in stars. It is given by people who received and used the article and then rated it according to its description given in the product details section. To be certain of the product’s quality, if it actually follows the details given, then it is a must to verify the product rating.
Rating of the “Communication”
Customers rate the seller’s promptness regarding communication and troubleshooting skill under this category. Never go for a seller, who has scored a low rating in communication. No one wants their messages to stay unanswered, especially when buying on an online platform.

Rating of the “shipping speed”
How fast did the package from Aliexpress reach you? If this rating is high, you may expect a good courier speed from this company.

Read through our second and third article about choosing the right seller on Aliexpress.

Happy shopping!

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