Chuwi Hi12 Windows Tablet Review

03 August, 2016 | Tigran
Chuwi Hi12 Windows Tablet Review

Chuwi Hi12 Review

Our review department will accomplish Chuwi Hi12 review today. The very promising device from acclaimed Chinese mobile products manufacturer. To better understand the main features of this tablet PC, let’s return to the days of Windows 8 launch. Many power users were impressed by the revolutionary Windows 7, especially after Vista’s overall negative experience, constant blue screens of dead, reboots and instability. Even today there are thousands of users that stay true to Windows 7 and refuse to update. Even big corporate clients prefer stable OS rather than couple of new fancy options. The same story happened with Windows 8. Exclusion of Start Menu, new so called “Metro Design” left not very pleasant taste for fans.

Chuwi Hi12

However, with all unnecessary additions and complications, there was one particular feature opted in Windows 8, that we do not fear to say, shaped the future of Windows ecosystem. If you already guessed, it was touch screen compatibility. Now the PC’s are not only limited to bulky desktops and traditional laptops, but also to variety of new form factors, such as tablets, stick PC’s, etc. All technological advances, low energy CPU’s, integrated video chips helped to transform the Windows, as we know it.

For example, here is an Intel Compute Stick, a full featured Windows with HDMI.

Chuwi Hi 12

But our review today is focused around other type of Windows running machine, the touch screen tablets running Windows 10, such as our Chuwi Hi12.

Chuwi Hi12

Imagine tablet. Imagine tablet with full Windows OS. This is Chuwi Hi12 review.

This market is heavily dominated by Microsoft’s own Surface products, but Chinese designers and manufacturers made an aggressive step into this niche, and quite successful by the way. Considering that usually people fear of buying somewhat expensive Chinese products from Chinese online stores, claiming the low trust to vendors and long shipping time frame, in the case of Chuwi Hi12, we can say right the opposite. Stores like and demonstrated outstanding numbers of orders for this item, most of them for international clients.

The invisible advantages of Chuwi Hi12

The reason is quite simple. You get full Windows on a tablet. A great piece of device for people who are seeking mobility, but refuse to disconnect from their main working machine. Put it in your bag and go impress with your presentation. Or connect USB 3G dongle and you get Internet everywhere.

Also, sold separately, there is an option to connect a keyboard, and use the tablet in “laptop mode.” This case is particularly useful if you often work with documents, e-mails, and any other type extensive applications. Keyboard shell will also act as a protective shield for the precious display when closed.

We will surely run the hardware specification review of Chuwi Hi12, but for now, let’s continue to explore the perks and benefits. Next one is the addition of micro HDMI output. Just connect any TV, external monitor directly to the tablet to get bigger image and more confortable work. Now add Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and Voila! Your perfect desktop replacement is ready to rock! Here we should thank the Windows for its Projection setting. In this setting, the display of the tablet is turned OFF and only external monitor is active. If you assume yourself as a “dual monitor guy”, you can turn off Projection setting and work on both displays simultaneously. For example write a serious e-mail to your boss on Chuwi Hi12 screen while Lionel Richie is performing on YouTube at your second TV / Monitor. We know what you taught, NO, the performance will stay the same. No lags. No loading.

Chuwi Hi 12


Hold on, we are approaching to the most interesting part. Windows is good, but Windows + Android is better. Yes, Chuwi Hi12 has dual boot. If you want to quickly read Gmail or dominate at Asphalt 8 for couple of minutes, you can easily restart this tablet to Android. This sweet thing is running Lollipop 5.1 version, so all new apps and features are here at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this tablet does not have GPS module, so for navigation you have to use something else. To compensate this, we can advice that Chuwi Hi12 can be used as car entertainment system. Just get some tablet holder, attach it, connect aux cable and listen to all music and video clips you’ve stored in tablet while you drive. Really, there are endless ways to use this bad boy. Keep in mind that producers did not save on components. Rather than wrapping everything is cheap plastic, here you gen real aluminium panels. +100 points to Griffindor…oh sorry, +100 points to overall more quality build, look and feel.

Chuwi Hi12 Review: Specifications

Well, we got to open the hood to look at the internals. By jumping ahead we can tell that Chuwi Hi12 is smashing Microsoft’s own Surface 3 here. Let’s start

Chuwi Hi12 CPU: 5th generation Intel Cheery Trail Z8300. Sounds like a turbocharged vehicle engine name right? Well, kind of. Surface Pro uses 4th gen of these processors by the way. This CPU belongs to Intel Atom CPU family. Aimed at light to average usage, you can comfortable surf the web, watch YouTube, write a Word document or edit some pictures in Photoshop. This CPU will handle these tasks perfectly.  However, do not expect to run GTA 5 on ultra settings and anticipate getting 60fps. No. This tablet is not for gaming for sure, however, Counter Strike: Global Offensive demonstrated playable 30 fps on low settings. Mobility is the keyword here. Z8300 will get the job done if you know the limits. Currently, this is the latest model and we can’t think of any better alternative, assuming the price tag.

Chuwi Hi12 RAM: 4 Gb. More then enough to take care of everyday apps and act smooth at multitasking. Usually, other brands offer only 2Gb, so Chuwi Hi12 is winner. This is particularly important, because most of us use Google Chrome browser, which is known for its hungry appetite for RAM.

Chuwi Hi12 Display: Another surprise here. These guys packed the display, which has the same parameters as Surface Pro 3. Resolution is crazy 2160x1440. At 12 inches. This is classified as Retina class display. You just can’t simply see the pixels from normal distance, IPS matrix that offers great vivid colours, excellent viewing angles and deep blacks. 10/10 for display, no questions asked.

Chuwi Hi12 Battery. Better to say energy station? Energy grid? Nuclear power plant? 11,000 mAH. 11,000 compared to 5547 from Surface. This amount is sufficient to get you all day without worrying about charging. You can even connect and charge other devices while you use Chuwi Hi12. We honestly can’t figure out how they packed this battery inside, but you can surely leave the charger at home. Plus, it will work more of you boot to Android.

Chuwi Hi12 other components: Dual cameras for your Skype video chats. 5mp main and 2mp frontal camera. You can use it to take pictures, but do not expect DSLR quality.

Internal memory is 64Gb. User available space is around 47Gb. Not that bad, assuming that you can put up to 128Gb SD card for more files

Finally, for our speedy file transfer users; there is an USB 3.0 port.

It’s sort of difficult to make a conclusion for this type of device, as there are still many interesting scenarios and ways to use. But the main argument is clear. For around $ 250 you will get full-featured Windows device, which can also run Android out of the box and handle basic everyday tasks smoothly. The build quality, components and inputs are future proof, meaning high performance even after a year and more consuming upcoming applications.

Chuwi Chuwi Hi12 review
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