Gionee A1 Plus contain: Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus

23 March, 2017 | Nyakundi
Gionee A1 Plus contain: Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus

Gionee, a Chinese phone manufacturing company, gave a strong competition signal to the bloody smartphone league when they launched two of their flagship gadgets on February 27th this year (2017) . In essence,Gionee is quite a new player to the western market and it will be interesting to see how the newbie will play hard among our cherished phone manufacturing kingpins.

These two phones (Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus) have got every great feature that can make them admirable as smartphones. They got the sleek look, the awesome selfies snapper, a very slim body and they generally add some new menu to your normal phone experience. Below is a contrast of these two Middle East beasts.

Which one looks cooler? …Gionee A1 or Gionee A1 Plus?

These phones present a great outlook from their design. Both have got slightly rounded edges and have a somehow protruding screen (which I must confess is obviously attractive to view).  A1 comes in colors of black, gray or gold while A1 Plus comes in colors of grey, mocha and gold.

Gionee A1 has got dimensions of (154.5 X 76.5 X 8.5) mm and weighs about 186g, while  A1 Plus measures (166.4 x 83.3 x 9.1) mm and weighs about 226g. The Gionee A1 Plus looks robust than its counterpart and is packed with a 6.0’ screen. The general feel about the two phones is that A1 plus looks a little cute than A1. Nevertheless, Gionee A1 Plus is of course somehow “bulky” than Gionee A1. So, what do you think?

Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus

The Camera: …Well, have you used a 20MP selfies phone before?

Herein is laid one of the greatest magic Gionee has thrown into the market. Well, I know you have used some 2MP, 5MP, 8MP or 13MP (if your phone is advanced) selfies camera. But what of a 20MP selfie snapper as used in Gionee A1 plus? Personally, I’ve never done that before. Isn’t 20MP just too generous?

The A1 has a 13MP rear camera and a 16MP selfies camera while the A1 plus has a 13MP X5MP (front camera) alongside a 20MP (added) selfies snapper. Besides, both phones’ camera applications support face detection, paranoma among other smart camera applications. Surely, if there is something you may need to get this phone for, then it must be the camera.

The phone batteries

Besides the cameras, these phones have also got very awesome batteries too. The  A1 can store a charge of up to 4010mAh while  A1 Plus can store charge of 4550mAh. Given their class, these phones can stay without charging for duration of about twice that of an average smartphone. So, if you just fancy staying on your phone, I am certain this is also some good news too.

Processor & Memory support

The Gionee A1 is powered by MKT Helio P10 (MT6755) processor while its counterpart, A1 Plus, is powered by a MKT Helio P25 processor. A1 and A1 plus come with a 4GB RAM and a 64GB ROM. The two phones accept Micro SD extensibility. However,  A1 accommodates extensibility of up to 128GB while  A1 Plus accommodates extensibility of up to 256GB.

Generally, there is no much difference in the processing power of the two phones and of their storage capability. They both seem to share much of their capabilities.


Display: Gionee A1 has a 5.5’ FHD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels while Gionee A1 plus has a 6.0’screen and a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Software support: both phones run on Android 7.0.

Gionee A1 Gionee A1 Plus Gionee
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