Build your own iPhone? This guy did and the final product is spot on!

30 June, 2017 | Jarriuss
Build your own iPhone? This guy did and the final product is spot on!

We’re all familiar with apples’ signature product the iPhone, however very few of us are actually knowledgeable about what goes on inside of the device to make it work. The owner of a popular YouTube channel named Strange Parts took to the streets in Shenzhen, China in order to source parts for an iPhone which he then assembled into a complete device all from scratch.The entire journey is quite interesting with the video showing him going through underground Chinese marketplaces in order to scour their inventory for the right parts needed in order for him to successfully assemble an iPhone 6S 16GB model.

Build your own iPhone

The beginning of the journey (iPhone)

Read below to see how it all works:

He starts by looking for a shell casing for the phone in the back alley behind the main manufacturing facility. Once he finds the perfect back casing to start assembling the phone with he then goes to a laser etching boutique inside of the market where they apply all of the correct markings for him to install the various components in their rightful places within the phone. After he has gotten the back case he then goes to a screen manufacturer who walks him step-by-step through the entire process involved with assembling the screen from scratch.

This is probably the most interesting part of the video as the phone screen is assembled in 4 different steps. First the manufacturer assembles the LCD display then he goes on to combine the digitizer with the overall screen. Once that is finished the phone is placed inside of a machine which pushes the LCD screen and all other components into a single unit. There were some bubbles inside of the screen which was removed by the manufacturer placing the device inside of an air tight container that pressurizes the device in order to remove every single air particle inside of the phone.

After all of that was done he then goes on to search for the logic board of the device. He finds a used logic board in the marketplace with all of the components needed for him to complete assembly although the board was actually missing many of the chips needed to make the phone operational. After finding out that his board was missing pieces he then goes on a journey to buy tools and other equipment that you would need to sauter the device together manually, what he didn’t realize was that this process is actually much more difficult than he expected. After giving up on his mission to sauter individual pieces onto the logic board himself he met with the head teacher of a cell phone repair school who gave him more details about specifically what would be needed in order to successfully assemble the device.

Halfway through the journey

The head teacher told him that if he actually bought a working logic board he would be able to assemble the device successfully with the right amount of patience and time. After shuffling through another large market with more aggressive people he finally finds some retailers who were offering working logic boards for him to install in his new device. Once he finds the best price and logic board with working function he then goes home to see what’s next on his self-assembling iPhone journey.

At this point he has all of the components needed to successfully assemble the device without any problems. He starts the assembly process by grabbing the battery, screen and logic board. After all of the components are gathered he begins assembly of the device, he starts by connecting the battery to the logic board and then turning on the screen. Although the phone turned on he realized that the compass app wasn’t working and proceeded to return the logic board.

The end of the journey

Once he got a new logic board that was working he then went to several markets looking for the other components to completely make the phone work such as: brackets, screws, cameras and a home button.After he gathered all of the parts to successfully assemble the phone he begins the process. After taking some time to properly install each component inside of the device he is shocked at the end result........... a working iPhone 6S 16GB model.

The phone turns on and now all of the features are working including the home button, camera, compass, backlighting, touch sensor and everything else that makes the iPhone wonderful. After watching this video it’s really amazing to see how spare parts and recycled logic boards can be turned right back into a like-new device that’s working as if it’s never missed a step.

The owner of the Strange Parts YouTube channel does videos like this on a quite frequent basis so if you are interested in learning more about technology assembly and new immersive programming techniques then consider going over to his page and subscribing! It has truly been fun to share with you all how you can take recycled parts and turn them into a brand new cellular device all with a little patience and perseverance. Continue reading other fun stuff on the site and have a good day!

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