Joying Android Car Stereo Review

23 October, 2016 | Tigran
Joying Android Car Stereo Review

Joying Android Car Stereo Review

Today we have a very special guest with us for review, please welcome Joying Android Car Stereo. For sure a very interesting and unique piece of technology powered by Android. The best concept that Android ecosystem gave to all of us that it makes everything smarter. Smartphones, smart watches, smart homes and now, smart cars! Yes, absolutely. Honestly speaking, even the most advanced, built in car entertainment system cannot compete with what Android has to offer. Imagine the quantity of apps in Play Store. Now transform them right on the screen of your car. Few possible scenarios: Advanced Navigation, Ongoing vehicle data reading (temperature, oil level, etc), full video and audio library, online radio, YouTube. All this is now possible without breaking the bank and also important to note the ease of overall installation. So let’s start more in depth and detailed review of Joying Android Car Stereo.

Joying Android Car Stereo 1

Joying Android Car Stereo Specifications

 Brand: JOYING

* Model Number: JY-UL124

* OS: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop System

* CPU: RK3188 Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.6GHz

* NAND Flash: 16GB

* Display Size: 7 inch

* Resolution: HD 1024×600

* Power AMP IC: TDA7388

* Radio Chip: TDA7786 (Philips)

* Voice Processing Chip: BD3702FV

* Video Decoder: 1080P HW

* Power Output:4×45W

* Working Voltage: 10.8~14.8V

* USB Output Voltage and Current: 5V/500mA

* Audio output (analog audio): 2.0V (rms)

* Video output: 1.0V (P-P), 75Ω

* Operating temperature: -20~70℃

Considering the uniqueness of the device, we suggest to carefully looking at all major specifications and look how capable is this using real world scenarios.

Joying Android Car Stereo Operating System.

The best part of this stereo is that 5.1 Lollipop is preinstalled here. Majority of other similar devices are usually working on old KitKat 4.4 OS. Lollipop has far better optimization features, sleek user interface and overall works much faster and stable.

CPU: At, we are genuinely impressed by the choice of Cortex A9 processor. It is far rational choice than some old and laggy Mediatek’s. considering the crucial fact that we are going to use it as central infotainment system. The term lagging has more hidden concerns here rather than just swiping stutter. Cortex A9 means no interruptions during Full HD video playback (both streaming and local play), it means fast GPS lock for hassle free commutes, smooth transition between pages, quick management of incoming and outgoing Bluetooth calls.

Storage: 16 Gb of internal memory for storing apps and data. This amount is pretty much enough for having all our essential apps (YouTube, Pandora radio, Spotify, Podcasts, etc). For all other media needs we strongly recommend to use SD card slot. Plus couple of clicks will help you to store your navigation maps directly on SD card rather than occupying internal storage.

RAM: 1 Gb.  We would definitely want to see 2Gb of RAM here for heavy usage without any compromises, however, after careful examination we can definitely say 1Gb will just get the job done. The explanation for this statement lays behind the very specific circle of activities that happy owner would operate on Joying Android Car Stereo. Most used applications are YouTube, video and music playing, navigation, real time in car diagnostics, occasional Skype conversations (Skype from car, OMG), rear view camera switching. 1 Gb of RAM would be sufficient to handle these tasks without any problem. We predict that you are not going to run CPU intensive 3D shooters and geek level benchmarks on this device. Moreover, we recommend  that you Google lightweight and RAM friendly apps before installing must have apps. For example switch to VLC for fast and easy media playing rather than relying on stock Android player.

Joying Car Stereo Android 2

Now, to better understand all core functions, let us review every software and hardware capabilities more in depth.

Buil in GPS: Well, this point is pretty logical and straightforward. But it is worth mentioning that 2din systems with built in GPS and maps usually start from USD 500. Plus they are usually reserved only for North America and Western Europe without map data side loading option. But Joying Android Car Stereo offers you any app from Play Store to handle the navigation and other location data driven applications. For example you can always install and run (in the background) speed camera warning apps, or Waze, to combine both navigation and traffic warning. So the idea is no more bulky phone holders, charging cables and small displays for going A to B. GPS locking is pretty fast and reliable. Cold start is only taking around 15 seconds (GPS only), while turned on Wi-Fi and / or mobile data will further reduce the lock on time.

Screen Mirror Link: Without getting to technical, this feature allows you to mirror your smartphone screen directly to Joying Android Car Stereo Display in real time. If you manage everything on your smartphone, and do not want to bother to customize your new Android stereo (you must be fun at parties), then just connect your phone and use it’s power and apps on bigger vehicle screen. This works on both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, if you favourite songs are stored in your phone, and there is no time for quick transfer or making a Bluetooth connection, Screen Mirror Link is a perfect companion to solve this issue.

Mirror Link Joying Android

Rear View Camera: If standard parking sensors are not enough for you to squeeze your 4 wheels drive monster into tiny parking lot, there are plenty rear view cameras available from our favourite Chinese stores. You can even choose specific vehicle model, so the plates and overall design won’t look too aftermarket. However, any aftermarket rear camera will just fine. Thus require some wiring and professional installation, but the results are surprising. Once you select rear drive, camera is turning ON automatically and shows you the actual situation. Even if there is some media playing, or music, once the lever is activated, the rear camera image is getting the priority, interrupting your fancy tunes and turns ON the rear view. After the gear switch everything goes back to normal functioning.

Built in Wi-Fi. This car stereo already comes with built in WiFi chip. You can share your phones Internet data directly, or keep a separate. Everything is simple and straightforward. Manufacturers understand the crucial importance of Internet access.

3G Connectivity. On the black plate there is a separate USB port for connecting 3G dongles for Internet access.

Bluetooth. Well, hello our good old friend. All major functions are included. Music streaming, call handling, data transfer (really?).

Joying 2din Android Car Stereo

Honestly, it is pretty hard for us to give a balanced score to this product due to its specific purpose. Obviously, this is not a product for everyone. However, if you always wished to have a full Android in your can out of the box, Joying Car Stereo is the way to go. Some of you may ask a very logical question: Why should I buy this, if I already have an Android tablet, there are millions of tablet car holders on the market. Well, we at agree with you. BUT. Let us bring some points:

  1. There is no need for holders, special car covers, wires, AUX cables, all included
  2. No bulky installation, considering that many will install tablet right on the windshield, which will surely block some portion of your front view.

Surely a good point to avoid driving like this:

Joying Android Car Stereo 3

  1. Geek Point. With built in Android stereo you don’t need to worry about attaching and detaching your tablet every time you leave a car. Plus, the operating temperature of Joying Android Unit is ranging from -20 till +50. This is possible thanks to thickened aluminium body construction. Most of standard tablets (and smartphones) start to freeze and lag at around 0 and overheat at 40.
  2. Some models of Joying Car Stereo offer detachable front panel for more security

Final thoughts.

To summarize our review, we present a table of Pro’s and Con’s for your consideration



Ready to Use Android out of the box

Price, starting at $240

Full featured Android Experience

Professional installation advised

Fast CPU


Operating temperatures

All-in-One solution (NAV, media, calls)


Joying Android car stereo review
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