Lazada – Best Shopping Experience with Various Payment Method

09 June, 2017 | Viona
Lazada – Best Shopping Experience with Various Payment Method

It’s a trend among online shops to provide as many payment methods as possible on their websites. Most of them also have the usual credit card installment promotion that allows you to bring home certain items with cheaper price. Lazada, as the biggest online shopping in Southeast Asia, intends to give the best shopping experience ever by providing such promo and various payment methods, which you can see below:

• Cash On Delivery (COD)

• Credit/Debit card

• PayPal/AMEX

• Alipay

• helloPay

• Installment Payment Plan

Well, whether you’re from the US, Europe or even Southeast Asia, you still can use your credit card to purchase something from Lazada online shop. Let’s see first what COD is all about.

lazada payment

Cash On Delivery (COD)

If you don’t have a credit card, you might wonder how to buy on Lazada without a credit card? Don’t sweat! Lazada online shopping provides the COD payment system for those who want to the ordered items only when it gets delivered and without credit/debit card. Of course, this method also depends on the geological structure of that area (no COD in a rural area).

Before using this payment process, remember to pay with the precise number. Why? Because the courier might have a very limited change on hand so for your own convenience, please prepare the exact change or pay with the precise price if you want to use this transaction system. The good thing in using this payment method is its simplicity, security, and hassle-free.

Credit/Debit Card (Lazada)

Lazada payment method also includes credit/debit cards. Basically, the Lazada Group accepts all major international and local credit and debit cards that are supported by VISA, Mastercard/Masterpass, JCB or AMEX.

For those who don’t know, Masterpass is a digital payment platform to allow you to make a purchase in Lazada with only one simple click. Before using it, you need to register once with Masterpass. Then, whenever you shop, just choose “Buy with Masterpass” option at checkout.

lazada payment

For foreign-issued cards, please tick on the “Bill to a different address” box in the checkout page. The address will be used to bill you.

Note: Depending on the country, certain credit and debit card might not work and some region will have more payment methods in the option. For example, in Singapore, the credit cards that are accepted are DBS and OCBC whereas, in the Philippine, they have one more transaction system that the Lazada Singapore doesn’t have, the BDO installment.


If you use PayPal, please make sure that your account doesn’t have a country restriction. Lazada Philippines, for example, accept PayPal from the Philippines region. Does that mean you can’t use PayPal from US region? The answer is yes! You still can use it but you will encounter certain issue midway. The same goes to Lazada Singapore, so this guide won’t recommend you using PayPal to purchase things from Lazada. Too complicated!

Note: If you’re from the US, it’s better to use AMEX instead of other virtual credit and debit cards. The next article will tell you the step-by-step guide to using AMEX when making a purchase on Lazada online shopping.


Alipay/helloPay is another payment method that you can use besides COD. As mentioned before, not all area is covered with the COD transaction method. If your area includes in that group, you can use this system.

How to use Alipay/helloPay, you ask? Simple, all you have to do is to create an Alipay or a helloPay account and add money to it by paying cash using credit/ debit card or over-the-counter option before making a purchase. For using Alipay/helloPay, just simply choose “Alipay” or “helloPay” at checkout then follow the steps as usual.

Installment Payment Plan

This is a perfect transaction system for those who like buying gadgets via Lazada. Lazada Installment Payment Plan or IPP is a payment program which allows you to choose either 6 or 12 months period with 0% Interest Installment Plan option to pay for your purchase.

This IPP promo event might happen only in selected countries with a different period of time. It’s also good to note that not all credit and debit card will be included in this program so makes sure to check first whether your credit card supports this system before making a purchase.

Note: Be alert, that there will be a minimum and maximum spending limits required to select Lazada credit card installment. Different country has a different amount of minimum and maximum purchasing limit.

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