Lazada Online Shopping: Package Delivery Review – Part 2

17 June, 2017 | Viona
Lazada Online Shopping: Package Delivery Review – Part 2

In the previous article, we have explained about how to check the shipping fee and what bulky fee is including the list of the restricted items that Lazada online shop forbid. This time, we’d like to continue answering the two left questions regarding package and date of delivery. Let’s start with the first.

Package delivery

As the SEA’s no 1 e-commerce player, Lazada online shopping assures customers that it offers a fast and safe delivery method. We will answer several questions that buyers often asked when receiving their orders from Lazada such as:

• Order coming in separate shipping

• Not available to receive order

• Delivery time

• Shipping address

If you have similar questions mentioned above, you can scroll down the page to see the reason. Now, let’s answer the question no. 1 about why the received package coming from different delivery.

• Order coming in separate shipping

Have you ever ordered products from Lazada and notice that your order came from separate shipping? There’s a reason for that. If you read the first series of this topic, you will find that Lazada also allows third-party retailers to use its website as a platform for showcasing their items.

Your order might come from different places (different merchants) and that is why you receive your package from separate deliveries. It’s good to note that your package will still arrive in the applicable delivery time frame on your area despite being shipped from different shipping as long as they’re under a single order number.\


Note: If you purchase several things into a single order from the same merchant, Lazada will deliver it as soon as all the items are made available. If multiple products are bought from different merchants, Lazada olshop (Online Shop) will ship each good as soon as they’re in the warehouse.

• Not available to receive order

Since Lazada promotes the doorstep method delivery, what if you’re not available to receive the package when the courier delivered your products? There are a couple things that you can do.

First, if you have paid your order using credit or debit card, helloPay, PayPal, you can ask your friend or one of your family members to be your authorized person. Second, if it’s a COD payment, just simply leave your payment with the person in charge, who will receive the order on your behalf.

Note: Don’t forget to sign an authorization letter telling the name of the person you asked to get the order on your behalf. Please remember to ask the approved person to prepare a valid ID to present it to the courier. (Please inform the Lazada Customer Service beforehand if you can’t receive the package in that timeframe).


• Delivery time

Some couriers might deliver a package only in working days (Monday to Friday), but Lazada’s partner couriers normally send the package from Monday to Saturday. On several occasion, though, it might facilitate shipping even on Sunday or Holiday. Customers will always receive an email notification indicating their packages are out for delivery.

It’s important to know that Lazada can’t fasten the shipping speed whether it’s “Standard” or “Express” delivery. However, the Group has promised that it tries to send the package within the promised delivery timeframe. If it failed to do so, you can always ask for a refund. (Read the previous article about voucher)

Note: Lazada’s courier may also communicate with you through a call or SMS when they’re on their way to bring the order to the destination address. Make sure to enter your active mobile phone at checkout page and let your phone in ON mode.


• Shipping address

If you’re an impatient person, you might ever think to take your purchased products directly at Lazada office rather than waiting at home. Well, it’s not recommended to do that. Why? It’s Lazada Group’s mission to give the best shipping service including sending your order right at your doorstep. The Group is very proud of its delivery service and certainly, won’t allow customers to take the package by themselves.

Lazada online shop, however, will deliver either to your home or office, to any address that you input previously at the checkout page. Remember, once the package is packed, you can’t change the destination location anymore. If you need to update your address, do so by contacting Lazada Customer Service in your area before your order is wrapped.

How about delivering multiple items to several different addresses? Can Lazada do that? Unfortunately, it’s a no. Lazada olshop is, currently, unable to send multiple products under a single order into several different spots. If you want to have your things shipped to several locations, it’s recommended placing one order for each delivery places.


Lazada Date of delivery

When you pay your goods, Lazada Group will show you the estimated time and date of the delivery. Depending on your area, it can be more than two days or even until a month (if you order an overseas item).

Lazada delivery service is considered as one of the fastest shipping in Southeast Asia. It’s too bad that it can’t let customers pre-arrange the date of delivery in the time frame that the buyers want.

The reason is that Lazada’s courier partners, for now, can’t give the specific date and time regarding the delivery. Rest assure for Lazada promises to work things out to serve buyers better in the future.


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