Lazada Online Shopping How-to Guide: Placing an Order Easy & Fast

10 June, 2017 | Viona
Lazada Online Shopping How-to Guide: Placing an Order  Easy & Fast

Have you tried shopping at Lazada before? If you haven’t, you should try it now! It’s easy, fast, and certainly not time-consuming. For those who don’t have occasion to go shopping, online shops have become their way out, especially with its express order method. Here’s some guide for those who have never bought items from Lazada

• Placing an order

• Receiving verification process

You can place an order from Lazada via iOS, Android, or even Windows. There will be, of course, few differences between the mobile app version and the Windows edition, but more or less, the used method is the same. The system mentioned below refers to the Windows version, however, it still applicable to the mobile apps.

Placing an order (Lazada)

If you’re wondering about how to order in Lazada online, then you’re not alone. Read through this guide and you’ll be ready to go shopping on Lazada online shop. Whether you use shopping list or surfing the entire products category, you need to follow these steps.


• Find the product

The easiest way to find the thing that you’re looking for is through the “Search box”. Type your query there and Lazada online shop will show the related or specific product from what you search.

If you’re more into surfing the entire product, you can find what you want by browsing through the “Category menu”. There are many specification tabs that you can browse and each of them is unique. You will find many subcategories under the category menu so choose one.


• Choose and check product information

Once you find your product, choose and click on it to see the “Product information”. It’s very important to set aside your time to see the details of the item before adding it to cart. Don’t forget to check the product availability and expected delivery time located on the middle left of the page. If you don’t have any problem with the item, you may proceed by clicking “Add to cart”.


• Confirm your shopping cart

When you finished gathering all items that you want to buy, continue to confirm your shopping cart. How? See the cart image just next to the search box? Click it to see the cart details (number of items you have added to the cart).

If you don’t feel satisfied with your orders or you think you buy too much, you can always click the “X” button to remove unwanted products in your shopping cart. It’s possible to see what others have bought also for reference.

Once you get all your need, proceed by choosing “Checkout” to place your order. Pick “Continue shopping” if you still want to shop more items.


• Enter your email

In this page, Lazada online shopping will require you to enter your electronic message address. It’s very important that you input an active one for Lazada will send your order notification on that electronic mail.

What if you don’t have an account on Lazada? Can you still be able to make a purchase? If those your questions, relax! Below the “Enter email address” bar, you will see two options, “Continue without password” or “I already have account”. The former will allow you to continue without creating or logging into your account while the latter, just like its name, you need to enter your password to proceed into your account and re-use delivery stored information. If you have finished, click “Continue”.

Note: It’s recommended to create an account to receive updates with Lazada’s latest and attractive promotions. Moreover, by signing up on the website, your information and order history will be saved for your best online shopping experience.


• Provide delivery information

All you need to do now is to fill down the blanks with the required information. Please, take your time and check it again once you finished filling the bar, especially the delivery address and phone number. Lazada will deliver and call you on the number and address that you enter on this page so makes sure to input them correctly!

After providing all the necessary data for the delivery, scroll down your page and see the “Delivery information”. Depending on the country you’re staying, there will be more than one shipping method. Each has different price and delivery time and depending on the price, the delivery time is also varied. Click “Continue” afterward.


• Choose your payment and redeem your voucher

We’re almost done! Now, you need to set how you will pay the order by selecting one of the processes in the “Payment methods” column. Lazada olshop (Online Shop) provides you several options like credit card, master, helloPay, Paypal, or even COD (Cash on Delivery). We’ll talk about each payment systems on separate article next time.

Don’t forget if you have any vouchers, you can redeem it in the “Have a voucher code? Apply here” bar just above “Subtotal” column. It’s best to apply coupons that almost expired.


• Place your order

Check again for the last time before placing your order whether or not you have input the right information. If you don’t find any problem, you may click “Place your order” and remember, once you finalize your purchase, you can’t go back to buy more things.

In the next page, Lazada will provide you the order number. That number has a big role in tracking your package later. It will be sent to your email and phone via SMS so don’t lose it or even erase it. Congrats! You’re done now! All you need to do is waiting for Lazada order verification process.


Note: You can see the Lazada order status by visiting the Lazada order status tracking page. Once you have received the tracking number, you can enter it in the search bar to track your package.

Receiving verification process

After more than 24 hours, you will get a verification message on your email and phone from Lazada regarding your order status. This notification will be sent once your order is processed until the package is shipped.

Note: If you haven’t received any verification message, check if your payment transaction is successful by seeing Lazada order tracking page or checking your email or phone for notification. An invalid transaction can’t suspend your order until you clear the matter.


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