Lazada Products:Secret of Selling,Reliable Brands with Cheaper Price

03 June, 2017 | Viona
Lazada Products:Secret of Selling,Reliable Brands with Cheaper Price

Do you like to shop online but realize that money suddenly disappear like breeze from your wallet? No need to worry because Lazada Online Shop offers most popular and reliable brands (Lazada Products) on its website with fewer prices. How come? To answer that, this article will explain these questions

• Where do the products from Lazada come from?

• Why are Lazada products cheaper than others?

• What can you buy from Lazada?

The availability of product stores is a very important element that contributes to the success of an olshop (Online Shop). Can you imagine if you want to buy something online, and then realize that most of the items are out of stock? You will agree that it is a disaster! Lazada, fortunately, always checks on their stores, ensuring that it has enough stocks to every customer. Let’s answer the first question on where Lazada gets its manufactured goods from.

Where do the products from Lazada come from?

Every online shop usually has its own way to gather a supply of its products including the SEA’s no 1 e-commerce player, Lazada. If you visit its website (Lazada Products), you might find a vast array of items which are sourced from these three different ways:

• Retail

• Marketplace

• Crossborder

To see the product’s description, you can go to the Product page and read all the information about the goods. It will include details about the product size, warranty duration, manufacturer/merchants name, etc.

Note: You can find that under the tab “Product Details” and “Specification”. See the image below to get a clearer picture.

Lazada Products

• Retail

A product is categorized as coming from retail if the items are sold and fulfilled by Lazada itself. How to find these kinds of goods? It’s easy! Just go to the product page on the things that are labeled as “Sold and Fulfilled by Lazada”.

• Marketplace

Just like its name, Lazada Marketplace products are items that are sold by different merchants or third-party retailers who use the Lazada website as a platform to showcase their unique manufactured goods at very affordable price. To identify which things are classified in this category, you can check the Product page and find objects with “Sold by (Merchant Name), Fulfilled by Lazada”.

• Crossborder

Lazada isn’t only sold things from the local region but also receives item orders from overseas. All products that are shipped from overseas are sorted in the Crossborder category.

Note: We will explain the Crossborder category part with more details in a separate article in the upcoming future.

Why are Lazada products cheaper than others?

For those who don’t know, there are at least two reasons why the product price in a store is more expensive than in an online shop. Merchants that showcase their goods in a store or mall, they have to pay the rent, which is not cheap. Moreover, they collect their things from distributors who add a certain amount of money to the original price for the transportation fee.

The problems mentioned above, however, can’t be applied to Lazada. Why? The fact that Lazada Group has a very large warehouse that can accommodate many products in stock and buy goods fresh from manufacturers helps it to offer premium goods with cheaper price.

In addition, Lazada olshop often has a price cut whether it’s credit card installment or special event discount. As the Idul Fitri celebration is near, you can find the Lazada promo sale – Ramadhan on the website right now.

Note: There’s at least a warehouse in each country that becomes the counterpart of Lazada’s Group. For example, the Lazada warehouse in Indonesia is located in the capital city of Jakarta whereas, in the Philippines, the warehouse is located in Manila.

Lazada Products

What can you buy from Lazada?

As the most popular and reliable online shopping site in Southeast Asia, Lazada, certainly didn’t reach that top position overnight and by only providing simple and old style items from relatively unknown brands. No! No! No! The biggest online shopping in Southeast Asia, actually, boasts one of the largest and most complete catalogs of items.

The products are classified into several different categories such as Electronics, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Baby & Toys, Sports & Travel, and Motors, Music & Groceries. Besides all of the sections mentioned previously, there are also other tabs like Highlight and Shop Brand.

Note: You can expect to see a variety of items from different sections. If you order from Lazada, your order will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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