Could LG G6 be better than Google Pixel? LG G6 vs. Google Pixel

12 March, 2017 | Nyakundi
Could LG G6 be better than Google Pixel? LG G6 vs. Google Pixel

Just a few days ago, the LG Company was once more on the airwaves after they released their new G6 brand. This new gadget has got one of the best designs the company has ever produced. With an ultra-slim width, a sleek top and bottom edges coupled with some nicely rounded corners, LG G6 is a pure work of art. G6 is LG’s first ever water resistant phone (with a wireless charger) and it can stay in water for half an hour. Any keen observer of this phone will not fail to note that LG is back to the premium market. But LG G6 vs Google Pixel will be very tough to choose. The design and specifications of the G6 have surely placed it at bar with the market leaders like the Samsung S7 and the Google Pixel.

Perhaps, you too has been wondering how the G6 has rated against the Google pixel. Maybe you are on the very verge of choosing one against the other yet they both seem very much alike. In this edition LG G6 vs Google Pixel, I will showcase some of the key features of one against the other and give you an honest opinion of which phone should really take the day for varied users. So, let us begin with….

The physical design & display (LG G6 vs Google Pixel)

Clearly, both phones exhibit a masterly of art if looks were something to go by. On design alone, these two gadgets will have a tie as they are all too cute for me to rank one against the other. However, on a keener analysis, the LG G6 has got a 5.7 inch screen with 565ppi as compared to Google Pixel’s 5.0 inch display with 441ppi. The G6 has got 2880 X 1440 pixel density while the Google’ Pixel has got 1080 X 1920 pixel density.

LG G6 vs Google Pixel

In short, what all the above technology mumble-jumble means is that the G6 has a brighter and clearer screen than the Google Pixel. So, though they both may look quite alike, a movie fanatic may find G6 movie somehow better than the Pixel movie.

Memory and Software Support (LG G6 vs Google Pixel)

At its launch (this year), the G6 was using Android version 7.0 while Google Pixel had Android version 7.1 at its launch (last year). I hope that doesn’t come as a surprise because Google develops Android and it is not surprising that their gadget is that much updated though released earlier.

The G6 has a 2.35GHz processor while the Pixel has a 2.15GHz/1.6GHz processor. Both devices have a 4GB RAM. Even so, G6 has a 32GB internal storage, but it can be expanded up to 2TB by external Micro SD while Google Pixel has 32GB/128GB ROM and does not support external Micro SD extensibility.

Camera… if you love selfies,then Google it; otherwise, G6 it!

Both phones have great cameras to capture every moment. Comparing advertsfor both cameras, one may be duped to think Google Pixel has a better Camera than the G6. However, I personally don’t think so. The G6 has a back camera of 13MP which is 0.5MP better than Google Pixels 12.5MP resolution. But when it gets to the front camera; boy, Google’s 8MP camera is far better than G6’s 5MP front camera.…So, if you love selfies, Google it; otherwise: G6 it.

Other features Google pixel and LG G6

Connectivity: here Google Pixel remains unbeaten by the G6. The overall analysis of the connectivity of Google Pixel is for sure better than G6. Then again, both phones do support 3G& 4G connection as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other technologies.

Battery: While the Pixel stores charge of 2770mAh, the G6 stores up to 3300mAh.Once more, LG G6 seems better, what do you think?


Both these two phones show elegance in technological advancement. Both will give you the Google Assistant at a go and an unmatched camera. However, G6 will add a few more spices in its menu like a bigger screen, a better resolution, a cheaper price and an awesome battery. The Pixel on the other hand is lighter, smarter, has a better connection and it is ultimately a very durable gadget. The Pixel has sensors for fingerprint, a gyrometer, a magnetometer a sensor for proximity (ALS) some of which the great G6 lacks.

Now, I don’t know which one will work better for you. Is it the pomp of the Pixel or the calm performance of the G6? Imay not know yet;but I personally just loved that cute, cool and lustrous G6.

Lg G6 Google Pixel
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