The new and Affordable Amigoo R8

04 March, 2017 | Nyakundi
The new and Affordable Amigoo R8

The new Amigoo R8 is one of the most commendable phones in the market; more so, if you are working on a tight budget. The phone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. As such it is able to run close to 90% of all Android applications. On a scale of 10, this phone scoops a score of 8.9.

Memory & Processor

R8 has got an internal memory of 8GB and a RAM memory of 768MB. In addition, it has got a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. A keen observation on these two features will obviously make one to note that the processor is likely to be too fast for the installed RAM. Thus, though it has a great internal storage, this phone may still encounter some delays when using it due to the RAM.

Physical design

If phone design is king when you’re choosing a phone, then you will certainly find the Amigoo R8 both attractive and irresistible. This phone is sleek on the cover and certainly very thin. It is about 167mm high, 85.5mm wise and 7.5mm thick. This thinness is about 10% thinner than the average phone of its size and this makes it very attractive. However, this phone is quite heavy and weighs about 200 grams. Thus, it may freak you up if you dislike heavy phones.

Amigoo R8 Screen / Display

This phone has a screen of 6.0’ display. This feature is great if you like watching your videos on the phone or if you just fancy big screens. Then again, it may not be recommendable if you like handling your phones with one hand. The screen irresolution of Amigoo R8 is 1024Px X 720Px. The display has a sharpness of 245 PPI (Pixels Per square Inch). Drawing from the two features, it is clear that though the phone can comfortably play a 720HD video, it is somehow limited in brightness due to the pixel concentration.

Amigoo R8

Phone Battery Life

This phone’s battery can be able to hold an electric charge of 2900mAH. According to the R8, this charge is able to accommodate a 12-hours talk-time. I don’t doubt it. This phone’s battery is surely one of its strongest features. If you would like to have a phone that can really store charge, you’ve got to try it.

Multimedia support

As noted before, this phone is a great device in playing videos and music owing to both the internal specifications of the memory and the output features of the screen and the speakers. The only bone you may find with this gadget is its brightness.

Amigoo R8 Camera

The Amigoo R8 phone has got two cameras (one in the frond and another in the rear). Both cameras have a 2MP resolution. Though it may look just fair to have a 2MP front camera, I find it quite menacing to have a 2MP rear camera for a smart phone. This is perhaps the main drawback to this phone. However, besides that, this phone is surely great.

Pros & Cons

Amigoo R8 Pros:

  • It has got a hot design.
  • It is cheap. The price of the Amigoo R8 ranges between $50 and $70 only. This is way below the cost of many smart phones.
  • A longer battery life.
  • A large internal storage memory.

Amigoo R8 Cons:

  • It has a poor camera resolution. Though this phone has got a catchy look, a cheap price and a lasting battery life, this phone still fails to rate high due to the 2MP camera.

Amigoo R8 in a nutshell

Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-core

Memory: 8GB ROM, 768MB RAM

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Screen Size: 6.0 inches

Camera: 2MP (both front and rear)

Type: 3G dual-sim Phone.

Approximate Price: $65

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