Nokia 3 vs Sony Xperia XA1, who will emerge this year?

14 March, 2017 | Nyakundi
Nokia 3 vs Sony Xperia XA1, who will emerge this year?

Nokia, the phone that for a long time ran on Symbian and Windows OS will officially join the Android platform with their new Nokia 3 this year.On the other hand, Sony will be striving to keep up their hold in the market by releasing their Sony Xperia XA1. Now nokia 3 vs sony xperia xa1, since these two brands are equally very awesome, one may wonder which of the two phones he/she will need to wait and lay hand on. In this edition, we will examine the two iconic phones for the two companies and give a genuine opinion on which phone is likely to win the day. Let’s begin with the…

Design & outlook

Both of these phones have a mouthwatering design though they are ultimately very distinct. There is no doubt that nokia 3 vs sony xperia xa1. The Nokia 3 for instance will be released in four main colors: black, silver, brown and blue, where as Sony Xperia XA1 will either be white, gold, pink or black. Nokia 3 somehow borrowed some of the olden design of Nokia Lumiathough it now has the nicely rounded corners and a slim edge that its predecessors lacked. Sony XA1 on the other hand lacks the rounded corners but has a bewitching box-like design with a very thin width.

Nokia measures (143.4 x 71.4 x 8.48)mmwhile Xperia XA1 measures (145 x 67 x 8) mm and they both weigh about 143g. Thus, there is generally no big differencein their design.

Display (nokia 3 vs sony xperia xa1)

The two phones still share a similarity in their screen quality. They both have a 5.0’ screen with a screen resolution of 720px X 1020px (full HD) and a pixel density of 294ppi. Perhaps the only notable difference is that Sony has a screen-to-body ratio of 70.87% while Nokia 3 has 67.2%. Though this difference is really insignificant, it actually makes a difference on how the two phones look.

Nokia 3 vs Sony Xperia XA1

Memory & Processor

Nokia 3 will be powered by Cortex-A53, a 64-bit processor with a speed of 1300MHz while Sony Xperia XA1 is powered by Cortex-A53 processor with a clock speed of 2300MHz. Moving on to the memory, Nokia will support a 2GB RAM and an internal storage of 16GB while Xperia will support a 3GB RAM and an internal storage of 24/32GB. In addition nokia 3 vs sony xperia xa1, these two gadgets will support external MicroSD extensibility of up to 128GB for Nokia and 256GB for Xperia.

Comparing these two phones, it is clear that Sony Xperia will obviously be faster, have more space and support more software applications than Nokia. So, if you were seeking a bigger storage for you music or images, you can throw the challenge to the Sony Xperia XA1.


Over the years Sony’s phones have had a reputation of having the best cameras. The Xperia XA1 is a no-exception either. Xperia has a 23MP rear camera and an8MP front camera. On the other hand Nokia 3 has an 8MP camera resolution for both front and rear cameras.

The general feel is that Nokia’s 8MP camera is a No-Match for Xperia’s 23MP camera. Besides, Sony packed a great camera software support for their gadget and anyone will surely find it as one of the very best in the market.


Nokia 3 can store a charge of up to 2650mAh and has a removable battery while Sony XA1 has a 2300mAh maximum charge capacity. From the history of Nokia, this really doesn’t come as a surprise that Nokia has a better battery than Sony as the former have always invest much in making great mobile batteries.

Here is my take…

Both these two phones run on Android 7.0 Nougat and have a wide support of recent applications. Generally, Sony Xperia is a better phone when compared to the Nokia 3. Even so, better performance often comes with some cost too. Thus, if you are having a limited budget, you can get the Nokia 3. However, if you value performance, don’t toss a coin when selecting the two, go for Sony Xperia. It doesn’t disappoint.

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