Oppo R9s: Lots of impressive features for a mid-ranged phone.

13 April, 2017 | Mark
Oppo R9s: Lots of impressive features for a mid-ranged phone.

The OPPO Electronics Corp. recently unveiled the Oppo R9s last October 2016 that follow up to the Oppo R9, and how can you not like it when it packs a lot of features in a price point of a midrange phone in an Apple-ish design? Definitely, there are definitely a lot of things to like about this new Oppo R9s, but this smartphone does have some shortcomings, such as the rough edges and complicated interface, let’s all take a quick look.

This new Oppo smartphone is very reminiscent of an iPhone as it comes with a 5.5-inch display where you can quite feel the rough around edges, protected by Corning Gorilla 5 screen and sporting a 1.66 mm narrow bezel. Oppo thin it to 6.58 mm and it weighs only 5.19 ounces. According to Oppo, “the Oppo R9s screen is tougher than ever before. When it dropped from about shoulder height onto a rough surface, the Oppo R9s screen has an 80% chance of coming out of the fall totally intact”. The aluminum construction of R9s gives a somewhat premium feel even if it’s only a mid-range phone.

Oppo R9s

In terms of the hardware department, the R9s was equipped with a nice piece of technology as the Oppo R9s uses an advanced solid-state fingerprint reader. Based on Oppo’s website, it “only needs a slight touch to unlock the device as it is equipped with a hydrophobic membrane that uses the same principle as a naturally water resistant lotus leaf, where the fingerprint reader has an enhanced success rate even when a user’s fingers are moist”. In terms of connectivity, the Oppo R9s has an improved Wi-Fi performance as Oppo designers claim that they made the antenna exceptionally thin and stylish where they replaced the thick white bands that traverse the backs of most phones with two sets of three ultra-fine lines that measure only 0.3 mm. These two sets of three ultra-fine lines are said to have a stronger performance and the R9s now is equipped to operate on six frequency ranges, that dynamically choose the best one for both 4G and Wi-Fi signals no matter what hand position users favor.

The battery life is also outstanding as it comes with 3010 mAh of non-removable Li-Po battery. The battery is backed also with Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charging technology. The Oppo R9s also uses a power saving optimization that intelligently manages the user’s favorite applications to make sure it is ready when needed and not eating power when they’re not. The camera department is composed of two 16 megapixel rear and front cameras. According to Oppo “ at the center of the R9s rear camera is the all new Sony IMX398 sensor, which is a customized 1 /2.8-inch sensor that Sony developed exclusively for Oppo”. Oppo claims that they paired this sensor with an extra wide F1.7 aperture that offers a phenomenal focusing speed, noise reduction, and excellent low-light performance. As stated, the selfie camera is a 16 megapixel shooter too, Oppo boast its Beautify 4.0 paired with a 1/3 sensor and F2.0 aperture where the camera automatically initiate HDR mode to ensure that the user gets bright and beautiful selfies as they claimed that Beautify 4.0 “ensures you have a beautiful natural-looking shots for all the right reasons”.

The Oppo R9s is really an excellent choice compared to other mid-range smartphones. If you want a new smartphone but you don't like to drop a large amount of your hard earned cash, for the flagship one, you can go for the Oppo R9s, specs rich smartphone in a mid-range price point.

Oppo R9s Oppo
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