7 Aliexpress Womens Bags You Must Own This Season 2016/2017

21 November, 2016 | Meri
7 Aliexpress Womens Bags You Must Own This Season 2016/2017

Check these 7 highly popular Aliexpress womens bags you must own this season 2016/2017! They are modern, trendy, and affordable to every woman!

Buying a new bag is always a good idea! It will spice up your outfit and it will allow you to make various combinations with your clothes. Buying a new bag online is even a better idea. Not only you have a wider selection to choose from but the prices are cheaper as well.

If you decide to buy a bag online, Aliexpress is without a doubt the only shopping website you need - huge selection of bags, discounted prices, and free shipping!

We’ve decided to create a short list of the top 7 trendiest Aliexpress womens bags every modern woman should own this season! Check the bags and see whether they can meet your style, your taste in fashion, and your budget! We are positive that they will!

Top 7 Aliexpress Womens Bags

1. Messenger Handbag – You probably have seen this type of bag in the fashion magazines or store catalogs! It is a huge trend this season and now it can be yours for only $11.99. You can choose between the various colors available including red, wine red, black & red, blue, and black.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

2. Trapeze Tote Bag – Women adore this type of bag as it is suitable for work, daily outfits, elegant outfits, casual occasions, and etc. Get this trapeze tote bag for $19.88 and take your fashion style to another level. You can choose between black, red, khaki, khaki & white, and black & orange.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

3. Genuine Leather Handbag – It is one of our favorite Aliexpress womens bags! This genuine leather bag is fascinating and extremely beautiful. It is a must-have bag this season, not just because of the high-quality, but because it can be worn to almost every type of occasion. It is available in a variety of colors including burgundy, black, gray, and chocolate. The price is between $45 and $62 (it depends on the size of the bag you are going to choose).

Aliexpress Womens Bags

4. Casual Shoulder Bag – Every woman should own at least one casual bag! This season, this gray casual shoulder bag is a huge hit. Now, with just one click online you can have this bag for only $9.49 from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

5. Pu Leather Bucket Bag – This type of bag is very popular among the young population. It is available in one color only – black and the price is $11.75.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

6. Elegant & Luxury Envelope Bag – It is another must-have bag this season! This type of bag is suitable for more elegant occasions and celebrations. You can add this synthetic leather snakeskin envelope to your bag collection for only $8.85.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

7. Sparkling Clutch – The perfect bag you need for the upcoming holidays. This sparkling clutch can be combined with elegant evening dresses or cocktail dresses. It is available in a variety of colors including black, royal blue, gold, red, and silver. Pick the color you like the most and buy this clutch for only $8.12.

Aliexpress Womens Bags

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