Shopping Guide - How to Purchase Safe China Toys Online

08 February, 2017 | Meri
Shopping Guide - How to Purchase Safe China Toys Online

In these digital days, all you have to do is to jump on your laptop and purchase anything that you need. The products you will order, will be delivered right to you so you never even need to leave your comfortable home. When it comes to children you can shop for your favorite China toys online any time of the year. Whether it is for a holiday, birthday present or even just because your kids deserve a treat.

Chinese online shops can give you the largest variety of toys available and the best China toys prices on the market. With the shopping guide, we are going to present, you will be able to purchase the favorite toys for your kids.

Buying China Toys Online – Helpful Tips to Follow

  • One of the most essential things to consider if you are shopping for traditional Chinese toys online is whether the Chinese online shop you are using is reliable.
  • Once you find a Chinese online shop that sells the products that you are looking for, go through the different categories to make the right choice.
  • With China toys online shop, it is not easy to establish if the products that you are buying include small pieces that can be dangerous for your kid. Most Chinese toys manufacturers commonly include the age group that the item is made for.
  • Before you purchase China toys, you need to be informed if the size that you see on the image is the actual size. There are sellers who put up fake images on the internet and this can be very disappointing once you get the product. Make sure to go through the reviews left and see what other buyers have to say about the product.

How to Find Safe Toys from China

  • Consider your child's age - This is important, and it will establish the range of toys you need to look for.
  • Read the labels – The labels offer lots of helpful information like the age groups it is recommended for, instruction of how to play with the toy, whether adult supervision is required or not, how to assemble it and so on. Be flexible with the age groups. For example: If your child is 3 and the toy is labeled for kids of age 4, it's still a good idea to select that toy, given you're supervising the while playing.
  • Check for the sturdiness of the toy - If there are tiny parts that are very likely to come off after a light drop, for instance: eyes from teddy bears, wheels of toy cars and so on, it's for the best to look for something else.
  • Are they easy to clean - It's a good idea to clean the China toys at least once a month in order to avoid any germs that may spread. The stuffed toys should be easily washable because they tend to gather lots of dust. Bath toys should also be washed pretty often because they tend to be covered in leftovers from the bath and soap. Given the pleasure small children have to chew toys, it's for the best to have them clean all the time.
  • Chose toys that have bigger parts for younger kids – Babies and toddlers like to chew things. Having an excellent selection of teething toys is great for your kid, but sometimes, they just grab any of the toys they have and have their way with it. For that reason, make sure to get China toys with no detachable little parts and watch for any potential flaws in the toys when your kid is playing.
  • Avoid toys that make sharp noises - Little kids are more sensitive to strong noises and it is possible to damage the hearing for life and, more or less dangerous, it may be a strong shock that will psychologically traumatize your kid and make it scared of everything.
  • Avoid toys that shoot things in the air, like small balls and arrows - Toy guns are a simply no!
  • Toys with sharp edges should never be found in your kid's China toys collection. They tend to throw toys, more or less strongly, and if there's another kid close, he might get hurt.
  • Be careful with crib toys - If there are any cords connected to the toys, remove them. Never tie a toy to the crib because there's a very high risk of strangulation. Leave the toys with the kid, and if your kid wants them, it will play with them.
  • Store toys in a safe toy chest that doesn’t lock when closed - It can be pretty challenging for the child to climb in, but they should always get out of it simple.

How to Keep China Toys Clean

It is essential to keep your child's China toys clean, especially for preschool age kids. Small children don't know about germs, and they are mostly spread by touching or putting their hands in their mouths. Little kids put toys in their mouths and then share the exact toys with other kids. Besides carefully washing your kid's hands, you must also carefully clean their China toys. It is also essential for daycares, schools and businesses with waiting room toys to carefully clean the toys they possess.

Washing toys from time to time will keep them free from germs and clean. The washing schedule will be according to where the toys are kept and the number of kids that play with them. China toys in a daycare need be washed every single day or at least once a week while home toys should be washed every second week or once in a month. Almost all China toys can be washed in the dishwasher, but make sure to put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. If you are not so sure if the toys are safe in the dishwasher, you can hand wash them with soap and hot water. The cloth toys and stuffed animals can be washed in the washing machine, and then simply put them aside to dry. If the toy looks dirty, wash it. There is no reason to wait every second week to clean it.

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