Retro Game Console - CoolBady Video Game Console RS-35 FC

24 July, 2016 | Stef
Retro Game Console - CoolBady Video Game Console RS-35 FC

Looking to buy retro game console? Look no further because we have prepared a list of top retro 10 games for fanatics like you!

Excellent Entertainment with Retro Video Consoles

Game video consoles have been highly popular among the game lovers. Over the past few years there has been immense growth in the gaming industry. Advancement mechanism and breakthrough technology led to improved innovations in the world of gaming consoles. But we can all agree that nothing can replace the old retro video consoles. These consoles simply give excellent entertainment and fun.

The newest modern age game video consoles are created with advanced technology. They are great in performance and highly sophisticated. Few of the major players in the gaming industry are Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. These popular brands have presented some of the most exciting and innovative gaming devices that have set waves in the world’s market. The main reason for the big success of these devices is that they appeal to users of all age groups. From little kids to teenagers and adults, simply everybody loves having fun time playing interesting games of these advanced gizmo devices.

But, like we said, the technology simply cannot replace our favorite retro video consoles. So, it is no big surprise that you are looking to buy a coolBady Video Game.

retro game console

Retro Game Console - coolBady video game

This retro game console can be yours from for less than $40. It is considered as a family TV video game console and there are 223 different games built into this device. It is usable for people of all age groups, for children and adults.

It is no doubt that this game console is absolutely wonderful and it offers users a completely fun filled experience. We definitely recommend this coolBady video game because it gives an excellent real time experience while playing it. can offer you wide range of video game consoles with the needed information about them. You can easily select your favorite retro game console and purchase it at very affordable price. The product that you are going to order will be delivered to you within specified time period.

retro game console

List of top retro 10 games

Are you admirer of retro games? Are you interested to find out what the best retro games ever made are? Here is a list of top retro 10 games that leave remarkable impression on all of us:

  1. Pac-man
  2. Dune II
  3. Mario Bros
  4. Frogger
  5. Space Invaders
  6. Star Wars
  7. Sensible Soccer
  8. Outrun
  9. Tetris
  10. Duck Hunt

retro game console

Pac-man is the classical retro game console that is popular today as well. After it was released in 1980 it has immediately became huge success. This game video console is about a yellow rounded figure that the play controls with using mazes. Pac-Man (the yellow figure) has to eat as many dots as possible in order to score points and avoids its enemies at the same time.

Dune is another popular retro game console that is among the top retro games of all times. This game is based upon the novel that has the same name, and it acquired millions of admirers from all around the globe.

Mario Bros is one of the most remembered and remarkable retro games of all times. It is about an American-Italian plumbers who must defeat creators that have been coming from the drains bellow New York City. Without doubt, this game was and still is extremely popular around the globe.

Frogger is another retro game of the list. The point of this game is to direct frogs to their homes one by one. The game involves crossing a busy road and a river full of hazards.

Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games that were ever released. The idea of this game is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser cannon and to score as high as possible. This retro game was an immense success in its time and it created the fundamentals if the entire shooting genre.

Star Wars was highly popular back in its time and it is still considered a cult game with millions of loyal fans all around the globe. This games is one of the old classical video games that are very popular even today, after more than twenty years.

Sensible Soccer is a retro game specially created for the success fans from all around the world. You can select among the most popular football teams and play until your favorite team wins.

Outrun gives you the opportunity to race with high speed on an ultimate US road trip. Beautiful girls, high-end cars, blue sky and a long road to the horizon. This is what this popular retro game can offer you.

Tetris is the name we all know. Such a fun game where you have to arrange a group of colored shapes. It is definitely one of the most popular retro game consoles of all time. We can definitely enjoy playing it today, it never gets old.

Duck Hunt and the name says it all. This game together with Space Invaders set the basics of the shooting generation. Or should we say that the modern first-person shooter, Duck Hunt sets theme. However, we all have pretty well times playing this game.

retro game console


CoolBady Video Game Console RS-35 FC Red White Classic TV Game Consoles - Superb graphics, extraordinary effects and superb sound quality make these games of 70s and 80s everyone’s favorite. All of these games are so good that they deserve your attention for sure. Bring back all of your memories from your childhood with just one game.

Some of the best games ever made were created during the 70s and 80s and those games created the fundamentals of many games and genres that we are familiar with today! Game lovers now can look for the retro game console on and purchase it at very affordable price.


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