SEGA Games 16 bit sega games console with controllers

06 August, 2016 | Stef
SEGA Games 16 bit sega games console with controllers

Are you a fan of SEGA games? Purchase the 16 bit console de jeu sega avce mnnettes sans fils sega games console with controllers on and enjoy in the huge variety of games!

SEGA Games – The Best Games Ever Made

As the time goes by and the technology evolves more and more, we simply realize how great some of the classic retro games were. Even the thought of them, give as a happy memory when we all were around the TV playing all kind of games until someone lose the game.

SEGA is known as one of the most popular companies who has created some of the most influence games in the history of gaming. Gaming lovers know what we are talking right? Well, we have one important news for you SEGA lovers: decided to relive all of your childhood memories by giving you the opportunity to purchase this high quality 16 bit console de jeu sega avce mnnettes sans fils sega games console with controllers at very affordable price.

With just one click you can order the game console, play your favorite SEGA games until it is game over.

SEGA Games

China Game Console - 16 bit console de jeu sega avce mnnettes sans fils sega games console with controllers

This high-quality game video console can be yours for only $65 with free shipping included. Here are few important product information you need to know:

  • The game console’s weight is 1 kg
  • In the package is included: 1 MD2, 2 Gamepad, 1 AV TV cable and 1 US charger
  • Important to note: working state, can’t plug game cards and game handle

There are 2 demands for TV:

  1. The TV must have a yellow, red and white AV video port
  2. Standard TV signal must have PAL standard (Hong Kong and Europe), NTSC (United States and Japan) and the MD2 consoles is PAL-D system

We can highly recommend this game console because it can definitely offer you comfort while playing and fun as well. You can finally enjoy in your favorite game as long as you want.

SEGA Games

Comparison with Retro SEGA Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Master System, Sega Dreamcast

The SEGA Genesis system is definitely one of the greatest and well knows as the classic systems of all time. It offers state-of-the-art graphics for its time and has some of the most popular games of all time made for it. As a matter of fact, most of the game series today are still being made in one way or another owe their existence to the games for the one and only SEGA Genesis system. With other words, this systems is the pioneer that made the video game industry what it is today. Here is a little comparison between the SEGA and NES Systems:

  • Graphics – both game consoles are neck and neck if we talk about graphics. If we analyze better we probably would conclude that SEGA Genesis comes out as a winner but again it is pretty close. Both systems have excellent graphics for their time and definitely helped revolutionize gaming consoles.
  • Games – here we have the same situation, the both consoles are close in this category as well. The NES system was the birth-game console for the Mario Bros series, which we must say it is pretty successful even today. One of the most popular SEGA Genesis games was Sonic, which is still popular today, but not popular as the Mario game.
  • Playability – both systems tie in this category as well. Both have excellent controllers and also are very simple to set up gaming consoles. It all comes down to your preference, which controller shape you prefer between these two, although again there isn’t too much difference.

SEGA Master System is a rebuild from formerly marketed game consoles in Japan. The purpose was to tweak the video result while at the same time improving the random access memory to increase game speed and avoid freeze ups that used to commonly plague older versions. It is known that the SEGA Master System featured two forms of input – game card slot and game cartridge slot. Various controllers should be involved for game play involving a 3-D glasses and light gun. In the end, the card slot didn’t see as much use as was originally expected, and because of this soon became a somewhat unused addition.

When compared to the NES, the late release of SEGA Master System contributed to the somewhat aimless marketing the game console earned in America. We can say that without a doubt the NES system took the lead in the market. Regardless of this situation SEGA made only a minimal effort to bounce Nintendo from its hard earned position.  

SEGA Dreamcast is another successful game console on the list. It is a great system that commonly ushered in a new generation of game consoles. As a matter of fact the Dreamcast was almost like a gateway to the modern game console. For that reason we are going to present you the favorite Dreamcast games in order to bring you back few memories:

  • Crazy Taxi is a fast-paced fun game that presented the capabilities of the system. We can guarantee you that you will have a lot of fun playing this game and you could totally enjoy playing with hours, despite its simplicity. That's the secret of a great game.
  • Soul Caliber is simply the best fighting game you will ever played. This game made Mortal Kombat look like a relic.
  • Virtua Tennis is an exceptional tennis game. It is truly the next generation tennis game and the first of its kind. Games made today still follow the unique style set by the Dreamcast version of the game.

SEGA Games

Well, don’t lose time thinking when you can simply order the game console now and enjoy in the variety of SEGA games it offers.

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