Video Interphone System Review

22 December, 2016 | Tigran
Video Interphone System Review

Hello and welcome everyone, today we are going to review a video interphone system, a gadget for your home. At we are constantly looking for interesting and cool products that Chinese online retailers have to offer. Even if the majority of the global users visit online stores for personal electronics and apparel, there are thousands of other interesting gadgets out there, waiting for our review! This time we would like to focus on home security.

Generally, we people speak about smart home or total home security systems; many of us imagine complicated surveillance cameras, hard to learn user interfaces and costly installations. Well, of course integrated systems with many features can cost up to several thousand dollars and require drilling a lot of holes in your newly renovated house. But what if you desire just a basic and working solution that works straight out of the box, and most importantly, does not require a specialist to visit your house. This video interphone system offers great features at a fraction of the price, and thanks to all wiring diagrams and instructions, you can install everything by yourself in less than an hour.

Video Interphone system review 1

Video Interphone System Specifications


7 inches TFT

Power Input: 

AC 100V - 240V, 50 - 60Hz

Power Output: 

DC 15V

Current Output: 


Delay Calling Time: 

120s + / - 10pct

Delay Monitoring Time: 

60s + / - 10pct

Valid Distance: 


Power Consumption: 

Less than 10W

Viewing Angle: 

92 degree

The whole video interphone system consists of two main parts: Doorbell with HD infrared camera and home control module, which lets you see the visitor, talk and remotely open the door. The voice communication is two ways, once you pressed the button, you can easily have a conversation with the visitor. Stereo microphones let you enjoy the talk without the noise and disruptions.

Now, let’s have a look at a doorbell module and controls.

Video interphone system review 2

The entire module is covered by ABS durable plastic. The cover will prevent the influence of direct sun exposure and won’t crack after long period of time. If the system all set up and running, the red power light will start up, so the visitor will be warned that the videophone is working. Previous models did not have the light sensor, so the quality of the video were heavily lacking. Luckily, now the manufacturers added the light sensor, which connected to the camera to deliver clear and crisp image even when it is dark. The major part of the surface is devoted to the speaker, so your guests will hear you well. The Call button will automatically activate the doorbell and start up the in house screen. All the controls are simple and straightforward, so no one will get confused. You can set external module anywhere you wish: near the gate, at the door or automated rolling gate, if the decide to install the video interphone system in warehouse

Video Interphone System Internal Module

Now let’s review the main control module which is installed indoors to see the visitors or long awaited pizza delivery guy (or this beautiful lady).

video interphone system review 33

The main part is of course the screen itself. 7-inch TFT panel, ideal for indoors use. Honestly, there is no point to have fancy IPS or OLED display (which is usually found in high and middle end smartphones). The screen and brightness is adapted to the indoor usage, and delivers clear and crisp image for its resolution. You will always easily identify the person. Another interesting feature that is present in this newer version is the ability to change the ringtone. Your home, your rules, your ringtone. The microphone is placed at the faceplate, so the guest will have clear audio while speaking with you, without any noise or distortions. This is very useful considering that video interphone system could be installed on noisy neighbourhood or on street near constant traffic. Plus let’s not forget that video interphone system is not only adapted to home usage, but could also be integrated in warehouse security systems or business lobby.  

Video interphone system also has the ability to power on the display on demand. It allows turning on the screen when you want. One of the advantages is of course the reduced electricity usage. Moreover, if you definitely know who is the caller, just press the unlock button straight away without waiting to see the face. You can always click the talk button to share quick conversation.

Overall, video interphone system has many interesting and useful features for its price, considering that nowadays more and more people tend to make their homes more smarter, this device will definitely should be on your wish list.

Video interphone review video interphone review
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