Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from – All You Need to Know

08 September, 2016 | Stef
Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from – All You Need to Know

Where does LightInTheBox ship from and how you can estimate the delivery date – Discover all important information here!

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from

LightInTheBox is a popular Chinese online shop specialized in fashion and lifestyle products. It is founded together with its partner store MiniInTheBox in 2007. On lightinthebox.com you can find absolutely every type of dress, including wedding dresses and dresses for other special events. Besides dresses, lightinthebox sells shoes, bags, beauty and hair products, cell phones and electronics, home and garden products, cell phone accessories, and cool devices. The prices are affordable and because of its well-organized website, you can easily find the product you are looking for.

The process of ordering a product is also simple. First of all you need to create an account because ordering a product is not possible if you don’t have an account. You can do the searching part using the categories on the left side of the website or you can write the word in the search box.

After ordering the product, you need to enter your shipping address. Let’s focus more on this part and see where does lightinthebox ship from!

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from & What Shipping Methods it offers

The Company is based in China and US but Lightinthebox has warehouses in Europe and North America as well. These warehouses don’t carry all of their products. If the product can be shipped from one of these warehouses, it will be written on the product page right above the box “Add to Cart”. If the warehouse can ship the product and fulfill the order, it will be considered as a Local Standard Shipping.

Generally, China is the central place where does lightinthebox ship from. It can ship directly to your destination or to the warehouse and then the warehouse will ship the product to you.

Lightinthebox ships to nearly every country, all around the world, including South and North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. They use the services of well-known and reliable international carriers to make sure your package arrives at your address safely.

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from

On their official website, there is a complete list of countries (more than 200 countries and territories) where does lightinthebox ship to.

Commonly, lightinthebox shipping is free of charge. If you need to pay a shipping fee you can easily calculate it by clicking on the shopping cart logo and then on “Estimate shipping costs”

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from

Lightinthebox will calculate the cost for each shipping method. Keep in mind that this is just an estimation shipping cost.

When it comes to lightinthebox shipping methods, there are five of them: Global postal service (without tracking option), Global postal service (with tracking option), Global postal expedited, Global express expedited, and Local standard shipping.

You can calculate the delivery time by taking the processing time for the order and the shipping method you have selected. Here is a complete table of order processing time for each category.

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from

Where Does LightInTheBox Ship from


Now you have all information needed to complete the ordering process on LightInTheBox. Where does lightinthebox ship from, where does ship to, shipping methods and delivery time. Use the affordable prices lightinthebox offers and enjoy your shopping!

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