Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

09 August, 2016 | Tigran
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

We are excited to present you the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review and explore the functional capabilities behind one of the most popular personal fitness tracker on the market. The era of smartphones brought groundbreaking changes to the things around us. How we use the particular technologies, how we interact, not only between us, but now the communication tends to more often occur between man and some complicated piece of device, giving us the new perspectives, new experience and possibilities. Smartphones became smarter. And they also made things around them smarter. Smart watches, smart bands, smart cameras …and smart users of course! Production technologies made it possible to pack a powerful computing device inside a watch or a bracelet. Definitely, the giants of mobile world could not resist making their own iterations of so-called smart watches, or smart bands. Apple Watch demonstrated a perfect example of wearable tech.  But today we are going to talk about another class of wearables, smart fitness trackers and particularly look at recently announced Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

The Xiaomi Effect

While other Chinese companies took an easier path of imitating flagship products, Xiaomi went risky but rewarding way. And sales figures prove their correct vision.

Xiaomi already gained a massive popularity and millions of fans around the globe and the secret to the success is quite simple yet challenging. These guys proved that Chinese designers and manufacturers are capable to compete against the trendsetters in their industry (Apple, Samsung, Fitbit). By making Mi Band 2, they again stayed true to their valus

  • Produce competitive devices with unique design
  • Openly promote and show that Chinese companies can deliver quality
  • Listen to their customers
  • Don’t be greedy and set a comfortable price for everyone

So we’ve covered the intro part and lets jump to our Xiaomi Mi Band Review!

Once Google introduced their Google Fit app, which can show a lot of details about your daily fitness routine, many companies understood the importance of dedicated devices. If you are a die-hard runner, gym rat, or even a couch riding DOTA 2 champion, it is always interesting to see some sport stats once in a while.

Xiaomi Mi band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Materials: Polycarbonate, plastic. Nice soft touch plastic and stretchable wrist

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 protection. This band is IP67 approved. This military grade protection means that you can carry it with you to the pool or to long shower singing sessions. Mi Band 2 is water resistant. Plus, the dust protection and advised falling distance of 1.2 meters make this device a real survivor.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Display: As we said, Xiaomi listened to their customers and finally added a dedicated OLED display to the band. The user experience gained a lot more functionality, as now you can see all the stats right on the device itself. No need to open the app to see the walked distance or heart rate. Everything is dislayed right on the device. Plus it shows time. Really? Yes. In a very elegant manner. You just need to twist your hand like you do to see a time, and Mi Band 2 will automatically turn on the display to show time.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Display Battery: 70mAh of power inside. This amount is claimed to be enough for 20-day usage. That’s quite impressive, considering the addition of display and improved heart rate monitor (which usually consumes more energy than other features). Compared to previous models, the standby time remains the same. All thanks to Bluetooth 4 Low Energy standard. However, if you sync every day, turn on display 40 or 50 times per day and activate the heart rate monitor, the stand by amount will decrease to 10 or 15 days of activity. To be honest, that’s also pretty much enough. The full charging time will take around an hour.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Working Temperature: Usually these stats are kept for nerds for PC overlockers, but here we thought it would be important to note that Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can operate between crazy temperatures. From -20C to +70C (sorry U.S. folks, use Google conversion to see the numbers in Fahrenheit). All thanks to already mentioned IP67 protection class and better battery insulation.  So whether in Siberia or sunny Sao Paolo, your Mi Band 2 will get the job done.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Functions: We kept sweet things for the end. Now, our Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review will look closer on core functions. Begin!

Heart Rate Monitor. Remember that semi-fake pulse monitor apps on iOS that only your grandma believed were real? Well, Xioami packed a powerful sensor underneath the device so you can always check yours. Needed to note that due to some complications, and also to save the battery, you won’t be able to see a real time heart rate. But once you click the button, the display will show you the current rate. Mi Band 2 is not a real replacement for expensive professional monitors to check the pulse on the go. But, if you wish to see current numbers while running on a treadmill or riding a bicycle, absolutely no problem here.

Waling Distance Calculator. Nothing extraordinary here. Device will show and / or sync the amount of steps you took. It has an awesome feature to remind you about some exercises. For example, if you sit for a long time, Mi Band 2 will vibrate to remind to take a short walk.

Calorie Count. If you count your calories better than some guys count cards playing BlackJack in Las Vegas, you will love this feature. Plus, it will help you to keep track and align your gym routines to burn as much as planned.

Sleep Monitoring. No, it won’t record you during your sleep and upload images to Facebook. This feature have more valuable things to do. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will automatically detect when you sleep and keep track of hours of your inactivity.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smartphone pairing: Even if Xiaomi positions this device as a fitness tracker that CAN operate without the smartphone the pairing will give you a lot of nice perks. Just look at this amazing user interface.

Mi Band 2

All your activity details are syncing with your Android or iOS devices. Developers promised to polish the app soon, but even now, it has an extensive list of useful options. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will start to vibrate when you have an incoming call, plus you can assign up to 3 apps to receive the notifications. It won’t show the exact message text from your Whatsapp, but will let you know about. Future updates will bring back the desired feature of alarm clock. Right at 7am Mi Band 2 will start to vibrate, so you can wake up less stressed up.

Finally, if you are one of these paranoids who put phone unlocking password longer than Russian nuclear missiles launch codes, there is a good news for you as well. You can unlock your phone by simple touching the button on the band itself.

There is reason behind the argument, that why fitness trackers are perceived to be a personal product. Like watches, or even a mobile phones, there are millions ways to customize it and demonstrate your identity. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 gives you that freedom. Same with smart watches, you can easily snap and change the wrist. This minor change can really lead to cardinal changes.

Xiaomi Band 2 review

There are two options to go. You can snap put and put one of the official bands that Xiaomi sells. They come in different colours.

Band 2 review

Or go with numerous third party sellers that offer quite a number of choices. Even leather one. The choice is yours. Admit it, it looks classy.

Xiaomi Mi band 2 review

To sum up, we can totally claim that Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a great successor to its’ fitness tracker family, with all the added features customers waited for. Even if the main advantage is still the price of around $30 USD, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has more jokers in it’s pockets to rival other, more expensive brands.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review
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