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Chunghwa Post is a Chinese government owned corporation. It is the official postal service of Republic of China and provides mailing service for Free Area of Republic of China which covers areas of Taiwan, Matsu, Kinmen, Itu Aba and Pratas. Chunghwa Post also provides savings accounts service along with their postal services..

Chunghwa Post was earlier a government organisation under Ministry of Transportation and Communication until the year 2003, after which it was re incorporated as government owned corporation. Chunghwa Post previously had an association with the Universal Postal Union which began in the year 1914 and ended in 1972 when it was replaced by China.

International reply coupons are not available to Taiwan area by Chunghwa postal services, and the mail is not directly delivered to or sent directly to Taiwan region, instead mails are re-routed through the third party countries, with Japan Post as major route facility for incoming mail sent from the America region.

Customs post office of the Qing Empire is the direct ancestor of Chunghwa post, which was established in year 1878 by Li Hongzhang at the suggestion of foreign powers with setting up branch offices in five major trading cities of China.

On 1st January 1912 the Republic of China was established replacing the Qing dynasty. The great Qing post then changed its name to Chunghwa post. “Chunghwa” is a synonym of one of the names of China which implies the multi ethnic nation under a unified culture of China.

On 1st January 2003 the directorate General of posts was corporatized to become Chunghwa post which was 100% owned by MOTC. The assets and liabilities as well as the entire business of Directorate general of Posts were transferred to the newly created entity.

Chunghwa postal services delivers standard letters, registered mail, parcels and express mails throughout the Taiwan area. There are twenty three large offices throughout the country which supervises the working of 1300 smaller post offices.

Chunghwa post also offers many online services which you can avail sitting in the comfort of your home instead of physically going out to the post office. These services includes services like Hybrid mail where a mail is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. Hybrid mail involves a digital data being altered into a physical letter items at the postal services distributed print centres that are located as close as possible to the final delivery address. Hybrid mails are way safer and faster than the traditional method of physical letters being sent. Chunghwa post also offers online stamp mall where you can buy stamps online without going to post office. You can also buy Postal Simple Life Insurance, Postal Giro and Government Bonds.

It also offers several banking services like passbook savings, time deposit services, school passbook savings, ATM card, Visa debit card, money exchange and travel cheques etc.

There is also a postal museum established by Chunghwa post located on Nanhai Street, Zhongzheng District Taipei, Taiwan that encompasses four floors and covers the history of Chunghwa Post and organises special exhibitions.

Chunghwa posts postage rates starts from a mere NT$1.25 and their delivery is very quick and reliable and standard delivery takes 3-4 days.

Chunghwa post’s custom service centre can also be reached through its voice service hotline number- 0800-700-365 in case there is any query regarding any kind of services offered by them. Their customer services are very efficient and capable of solving every kind of doubts.

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