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Jenni Moore 1 / 5 Won auction on ebay seller sent item from china to usa via flyt express. It's been 60 days and all I know it this my item supposedly made it passed customs in LAX. Tracking stopped once it reached US soil. Seller says to wait a few more days

greg watson 1 / 5 have been waiting for my parcel for 47 days now, tracking stopped on the 17th of January, tried to email company but no response, not happy

michael holland 1 / 5 ebay order from hong kong dispatched with FLYT on november 19 (68 days ago) . e-mailed FLYT customer service 3 times---no reply. tracking number A000071611180684 no real help, last updated december 5 (tracking ended-delivery in 7-15 days) no information if passed on to other courier so no way of tracing package

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