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Southern China Express has a fleet of aircraft flying 500 parcels a day to remote areas. Firm looking to double number of drones delivering items among couriers. Goods and services loaded on drone, address is scanned and aircraft flies to station. Courier check parcel on arrival and aircraft returns to base automatically

China's largest mail office is set to deliver more than 1,000 packages per day by drone.

Southern China Express has disclosed it already has a fleet of aircraft flying 500 parcels per day to remote areas, and it is now looking to double the quantity.

The all drones deliver parcels among couriers before automatically return to base, according to People's Daily Online.

All-weather aircraft: The drones deliver parcels between couriers before automatically returning to bottom.

Efficient: The drones can take off for up to 16 minutes carrying a parcel weighing 1kg and will cut delivery times

Simple: Goods are supplied onto the drone by a courier, the delivery address is checked and the aircraft then flies to the destination.

The mail company, all together with the firm XAircraft, began experimenting with drone deliveries in Dongguan, southern China in 2013.

Peng Bing, the creator of XAircraft, said: 'At present there are 500 drones carrying out courier work in Shenzhen and Huizhou. 'The complete drone operation will reach several thousand units very soon.

Goods are loaded to the drone by a courier, the delivery address is checked and the aircraft then flies to the destination.

The courier at the area prepares a good landing area and when the drone reach, the parcel is scanned once again and the aircraft returns to its base automatically.

Southern China Express is currently delivering parcels with drones in southern and eastern China, including locations like Huizhou, Zhongshan, Hangzhou and Jiaxing where request for same-day couriers are high. The Shenzhen-based company is believing to measure the service to remote villages, farms and mountain ranges.

Southern China Express has been experimenting for the last two years and the third generation drones will operate in seven areas of China in 2015. The use of the drones will result in fast delivery times and will expand the reach of logistical companies.

Flying high: Southern China Express has revealed it already has a fleet of aircraft flying 500 parcels a day to remote areas.

There is very little human interplay with the drones and the work is carried out in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority.

Original title: I see the details first published SF logistics drone 2013, Southern China Express experimental unmanned aircraft broke in Dongguan stream. Then, after making inquiries, learned to love children Fan UAV SF logistics is actually very fly UAV company located in Guangzhou secret project cooperation. Now, the very first public flying its commercial UAV program, which is used for logistics among UAVs how, as well as details of the appearance of such UAVs. From these pictures, you can learn how to use drones to SF courier delivery. In fact, SF did not use drones to directly replace courier, directly to your home, but instead the truck for the intermediate shipments.

Express courier will be placed in the cabin of the UAV and UAV will be placed on the take-off position.

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