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FindPare provides real-time shipping details about many courier services, including the XRU Tracking Package. Our courier tracking service supports multiple languages and shows you the exact status of your package. If you are not sure what your estimated delivery time is, you can also calculate the XRU delivery time and see when your order is going to arrive. Thanks to our express courier tracking, we always update the XRU shipping details on time and provide you with accurate information about your package location and the time it needs to reach your destination.

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The official website of XRU Tracking is www.xru.com. Though many supportive websites are available.

Tracking can be done by setting Auto tracking and delivery notification. After logging in, one can set up the "Notification Settings", and the system will auto track your consignment. XRU tracking notifies customers when in transit, pick up, delivered or exceptions.

Multiple Tracking also possible. More than one order or consignments can be track at once. Need to enter different order number/tracking number one after other. Maximum 10 orders can be tracked once. Tracking Number can be XRUAA0123456789YQ

In the home page, Rate List can be seen. You have to fill the starting point and destination . Second line will prompt for File or goods. Check on one option. Finally enter weight and click on calculate. So one can analyse the courier cost.

The tracking facility available on the website is very easy and user-friendly and also supports all types of Platform like Windows, Mac, Android, Windows etc.

We try to gives all sorts of support to our customers from the time of booking the package till the delivery of the consignment.

Compatible with ebay / aliexpress / magento: with your ebay, aliexpress, magento account bounding to tracking more, our system will collect the data together , so you can check out the waybill information in one place.

This system support sixteen different languages, so it's convenient for users from different countries.

In the home page whenever you click on any of the link you will be able to track your position. Like Your present position is: Home > Products & Services > Registered Parcel

In this page one can see many useful links like

  • Reference Aging 18-25 days :
    • Internet Aging: one working day.
    • Delivery of Aging: 18-25 days, 30 days or so remote cities.
    • The scope of delivery: the whole territory of Russia.
  • Service Fee
    • Unified national offer 70 yuan / kg +8 yuan / votes
    • Packet can purchase insurance, investment reported in the amount of 2% of the declared value,
  • Size and weight limits
    • Weight single package: In less than 2KG; volume limit: unilateral long ≤58CM; length + width + height ≤90CM; irregular parcels diameter must not exceed 58CM.
  • Tracking
    • XRU All products provide tracking services
    • After the package tracking number and find the Internet rely on package status information on xru.com. Or query on 17track.net.
    Claims related
    • Compensation of standard visit our Web site: XRU packet user agreement .pdf
  • Taboo Item
    • National laws, regulations and customs regulations prohibit the postal items and the international air embargo items.
  • Fill Requirements
    • Item Description: Name declaration required to complete the actual name and number.
    • Declared value: It is recommended by the actual value of goods declared to avoid fines and compensation disputes.
    • Order information (recipient name, recipient's address, etc.) must be completed in English or Russian. Please fill in the recipient's name full Russian name (including middle name)
    • Upload order, please confirm whether the back pieces.

Sino-Russion Group, the professional logistic platform in E-commerce Era between China and Russia, has focused on cross-border trade logistics more than 20 years.

XRU Logistics is capable of serving customers by using aircraft, train, automobile and other transport tools with a professional transport management.

There is an option provided in the website which gives list of expected arrival time at different countries.

We track numbers in over 300+ popular postal services and couriers

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