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Made-in-China.com operates with one mission in mind – to become an international trade between Chinese suppliers and worldwide online buyers! It offers its customers an easy access to thousands of top-quality products at one place, from furniture to home décor, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, and much more.

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Furthermore, MadeInChina offers 4 steps in regards to supplier segmentation, or commonly known as who to order from.

The primary step is to discover suppliers. You can without much of a stretch do that utilizing the sourcing administration. Begin hunting down products and suppliers. The second step is to confirm the suppliers. Made-in-China.com has an approach which is strict - meaning that it is up to confirming every supplier before approving their enrollment capabilities, not all suppliers are by and by sufficiently qualified and some of them may be even deceptive. 

In order to abstain from being misled by such suppliers, you have to check the supplier's believability who offers things that intrigue you, regarding input scores and evaluations, supplier level and different points of interest recorded on the item detail page. As soon as you confirm the supplier, you can likewise meet the supplier utilizing web sourcing meeting or disconnected from the net sourcing meeting. The last step is to exchange with suppliers utilizing iCredit Financing Service or Secured Trading Services. ICredit is an advance system to help little to-medium estimated business/purchasers buy products from Chinese Suppliers. It empowers Buyers to buy products and postponement payment for up to 90 days. Through iCredit, Buyers can get shipments of merchandise first and pay later utilizing fleeting financing up to $750,000. Secured Trading Services on Made-in-China.com is to ensure both purchasers and dealers for secured exchanges. 

MadeInChina also accepts Escrow as a free trusted outsider. Moreover, for the ones who are unfamiliar with this platform, it has a special rule of holding and dispensing the payment conditionally on the satisfaction of understandings by both vender and purchaser. 

Whatever your payment choice may be in terms of time management, MadeInChina offers three ways, which include: 

  • T/T payment ahead of time, 
  • D/P(document against payment) and 
  • L/C (letter of credit). T/T implies telegraphic exchange, or essentially wire exchange. 

It's the least complex and most effortless payment system to utilize. D/P (record against payment) - Made-in-China.com makes shipment and sends the shipping reports to the exporter's bank (the Bank of China) for gathering. The Bank of China then sends the shipping archives alongside a gathering letter to the merchant's bank, who then sends an accumulation notification to the shipper. The merchant makes payment after getting the notification, and when payment does the shipper get the first shipping reports with which you take the physical ownership of the goods.

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