IBAN - What is IBAN number?

What is IBAN number / IBAN code?

Knowing exactly what IBAN is, is very important, especially if you have a tendency to make or receive international payments. We are going to provide you with all the essential information you need to know including what is an IBAN, IBAN number, how is an IBAN number made, how to get and IBAN, IBAN calculator, IBAN generator, and IBAN checker!

What is IBAN – International Bank Account Number

IBAN or International Bank Account Number is used when you need to make or receive an international payment. It is considered to be a number with additional information which can help international banks identify your payment account.

The IBAN number is made up of a code that determines the country the payment account belongs to including the account number and the account holder’s bank as well. The IBAN makes it faster and simpler to process cross-border payments and transactions.

How is an IBAN made?

The IBAN consists of maximum 34 alphanumerical characters, which are organized as follows:

  • Two letters represent the country of the account-holding bank
  • Two numbers are a control key
  • Max. 30 alphanumerical characters identify the account number and the bank

How to Get an IBAN number?

It is impossible to calculate an IBAN by yourself because each bank has various methods of registering the account numbers in the IBAN, which means that the bank assigns the IBAN to each account. After assigning the IBAN, the IBAN appears in the bank’s online system and in the account statements.

An IBAN is required in these following countries:

Austria , Belgium , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Luxembourg , Macedonia , Malta , Mauritius , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Saudi Arabia , Serbia and Montenegro , Slovak Republic , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Israel , Pakistan

IBAN Calculator / IBAN Generator

IBAN calculator is a specially developed software used to convert an account number and domestic bank code into an IBAN code.

In order to use IBAN calculator and generate an IBAN, you need to select the country you are from and enter your account number and your bank branch.

Our IBAN generator will help you to precisely convert your bank account number to an equivalent IBAN code (number). Our special generator will correctly generate IBANs from any country’s domestic bank code and account number.

By using IBAN calculator and generating an IBAN you will improve the success rate as well as the security of your international bank transactions.

IBAN Checker – Check Your IBAN Number

The IBAN checker is used to determine whether or not your IBAN number is correct. All you need to do is to enter your IBAN number and the IBAN checker will provide you with the information needed.

We hope our IBAN guide was helpful to you! Don’t forget to use our IBAN calculator or IBAN checker to convert your bank account number to an accurate IBAN number!

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