What is Findpare.com?

We are a small team of enthusiasts seeking the best products for best prices and quickest shipping time.

Short introduction

Findpare.com is a project of the Czech company Brosincome s.r.o, founded in late 2015 by two internet enthusiasts. It aims to create an authoritative platform for users to find useful and undistorted information about thousands of products. Our mission is clear, we want to unify product information for those users who buy from Asia, America, and Europe at global stores such as Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. but also the local ones in said countries.

Findpare is also an intuitive platform that provides users with a clear database of products such as smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, drones or portable projectors, etc. Every day, we verify hundreds of thousands of products pricing and availability only from certified high-ranking merchants in global foreign stores. The user obtains a detailed product specification and is directed to individual offers from the list of quality resellers. We limit the list of retailers with higher ratings and thousands of pieces sold so that the user gets a quality product at the best price possible and avoids possible fake offers.

Price comparison

The Findpare platform is not a direct seller of products, but a gateway to the best traders. We understand Findpare can help save a lot of time and do a lot of work for the user. Our team is looking for products on the Internet, and then store them manually in the database. The algorithm searches for prices, availability in warehouses, and other systems are looking to specify the delivery time from the retailer and then select only top-quality merchants. This will give the user an intuitive catalog, complete product specification with verified information, price overview, time and delivery cost. Another purpose of Findpare is to point out the origin of the item and help users find the product at its original price.

The character of the products and their specifications

The products, which we place on our site are very carefully selected. Our team manually runs the product profiles on Amazon or Aliexpress and others and often encounters incomplete or erroneous specifications. That's why we're going to the manufacturer's site to get the verification quality our users deserve. On business platforms such as Amazon and Aliexpress, we can meet products that have similar or identical specifications and different prices. Occasionally the products have different brands and it is so difficult to orientate in this ecosystem. The purpose of the Findpare team is to provide users with a clear product database with accurate and precise specifications.

Price Comparison & Best Merchant Identification

The search algorithm is built to give users a price overview from retailers who have thousands of successfully sold products and high ratings from very satisfied customers. With this approach, we are eliminating, on our part, the possibility that the user would be directed to so-called scam offers from fake sellers. The price comparison is independent and the user can filter the prices at the discretion of whether the price, delivery time or postage cost is important to them. Since November 2017, the price list has also been protected against extremely low offers by which vendors have influenced their position in the comparator.

Forecast delivery time

One of the important functions on which our team of experts works is to estimate the best delivery time between countries. Every online store or retailer, for example from Aliexpress or Amazon, uses a variety of courier or postal services. Our goal is to create an accurate and up-to-date database of delivery times from different couriers between different states based on data collection.

User reviews and opinions

In order to verify the product quality, we go not only through our own tests, but we also ask our users. We now collect user experience with products that are gradually being published on the web. We have many good and unbiased reviews on YouTube, so, we've decided to place some quality reviews on our site and give our users a commentary on the video.

Findpare tracking shipments

Starting in 2015, we are working on a tracking shipments project to get the most accurate data about the speed of deliveries between countries by up to 150+ carriers. Especially in terms of shipping from China to Europe or America, we need to know the most up-to-date logistics data. The whole system then translates into a readable version for the user and informs them about the status of their shipments. We also use data to predict the delivery speed.

Scam finder

We have met several times on the internet with so-called scam sellers. They products that they offer from Amazon or Aliexpress are unnecessarily overpriced. They do this on sites designed to sell only one particular product. Our upcoming algorithm looks for these scam sellers on Facebook and Instagram vendors and tries to discourage buyers from being scammed.

Findpare a clever rating

To calculate the "Findpare smart rating", we use basic product parameters such as CPU, ROM, RAM, GPU, and so on. Each product is unique and has its pros and cons, our rating is here only to serve as a benchmark that will quickly and visually tell the users how "powerful" the product is. The Smart rating should not be alpha and omega when choosing a product, because the products have a lot of other innovative parameters that do not work with them.


Findpare.com is here to serve people. Mainly to save their precious time and help them choose what they wish to buy, at the best price.