Track package using tracking number

We track 300+ couriers worldwide.

What Is a Tracking Number

Tracking number or also knows as a parcel reference number is a number used by the postal services and couriers to identify and track the shipment as it moves from the warehouse of the postal services/couriers to its final destination.

The tracking number allows users to check and follow the status and the location of the shipment in a real time online. It is without a doubt, the best way to keep track of all your delivery and know exactly when your order is going to reach its destination. Usually, the postal services and couriers assign the tracking code automatically to your shipment.

Just by entering your tracking number into our search tool you will get status updated and delivery date estimates as well.

How Package Tracking Works

Any shipment or parcel with a barcode can be tracked. Let’s see how package tracking actually works.

A barcode is assigned to your parcel, which is later scanned by everybody who comes into direct contact with it. This allows us to easily update the information related to your shipment without any confusion or a possibility for an error. When the parcel finally reaches its final destination, the parcel is scanned for the last time and sending an information to the tracking system that the parcel is delivered.

Our package tracking system is updated and modernized to provide you with the latest information available about the status and location of your package. You can find out:

  • When your order was created
  • When your parcel was received by a specific postal service or courier
  • When the parcel was shipped
  • When your parcel is going to be delivered

Package Tracker Support - 500+ Postal Services and Couriers

Package Tracker Support - 500+ Postal Services and Couriers

Our package tracker allows you to track everything together. This means that the online order’s shipping status of your parcel is always within reach.

Our package tracker:

  • Supports more than 500 Postal Services and Couriers
  • Allows you to track a package by entering a tracking number and get information in real time online
  • Is simple, easy, and convenient to use

Package tracking support tool is a great way to track your shipment and receive information about your package status.

Order Tracking – How Can I Track My Order

Once the order has shipped or left the warehouse you are allowed to track it.

How Can I Track My Order?

All you need to do is to enter your tracking number (the tracking number is provided by the postal service or courier and can be found on the order confirmation email) and you can track your order and get information about the estimated delivery time.

Please keep in mind that order tracking information may take from 24 to 48 hours to be updated.

Our package tracking map allow you to know when your package has been shipped, its exact location, and when it is going to be delivered. You can track your domestic orders as well as international orders.

Benefits of Order Tracking:

  • More efficient process
  • Direct view into the logistic process
  • Track packages in real time
  • Reduce expensive calls asking about your order status
  • Peace of mind

Get Notifications Using Tool “Track my Package” about Order Tracking

By using our tool “Track my Package” you are able to receive notifications including shipping information, exception information, and delivery information. You can get tracking package notifications via email.

Once you enable email notification, you will receive an email when:

  • The shipment information of your order has been created
  • The shipment is being picked up
  • The shipment is in transit or already arrived at postal service’s or courier’s facility
  • The shipment is being Out of Delivery (please keep in mind that not all postal services support this status)
  • The shipment has an exception (this can happen when the shipment is not going to meet its original scheduled date of delivery because of lack of signature, incorrect address, or weather delays. Usually, the system provides a rescheduled delivery date)
  • The shipment is delivered

Order tracking and receiving notifications using our tool “track my package” is highly recommended.

International Package Tracking and Domestic Package Tracking

By using our international package tracking and domestic package tracking tool, you can get information about the status of your shipment 24/7. Not only it is going to save you time and save you from anxiety and concerns, you will have an online proof of the status of your shipment.

For domestic package tracking please enter your tracking number. You will receive tracking information and status updates related to your parcel. If the destination of the shipment is outside of your country, please use our international package tracking tool.

For international package tracking please enter the country of destination (select a country from the list), the postal code, and the tracking number. Once you’ve entered the information, you will receive the tracking information.

Mail Tracking and Express Mail Tracking Support

Get your delivery status by using our mail tracking and express mail tracking system. Enter your tracking number but keep in mind that the number contains the code of origin country and the code of the destination country (the tracking number starts with letters and it is followed by number digits).

If the destination country is not present in our mail tracking or express mail tracking support system that means that tracking a package online is not available for it. In this case, you need to contact the post office via phone or e-mail.

When entering the tracking number, please double-check and insert the correct number.