Price and specifications
AOSENMA CG037 drone

Telemetry range 800 m
Maximum flight time 20 min
Video Resolution Full HD
Capacity 4 750 mAh
Width 255 mm

Drones AOSENMA CG037

Release Date2018
Availability On sale
Model CG037

AOSENMA CG037 Double GPS Optical Positioning WIFI FPV With 1080P HD Camera RC Drone Quadcopter Youtube review

Description: The AOSENMA CG037 is a 2018 drone that holds the price of around 250 dollars on the marker. Its best features would have to be the well put and fun design, the telemetry range of 800 meters and the detailed telemetry range of 1500 meters. Even though the video resolution is full HD, it has proven to be unsatisfactory to a lot of customers and elementary drone reviewers. In addition, it has a usual 180 minutes of charging time and a solid battery capacity of 4750 mAh. This drone works as a great gift for kids over the age of 14.


  • A lot of options for different functions presented on the controller
  • It has a follow-me function which not a lot of drones offer
  • Its detailed telemetry range is quite long (1500 metres)
  • Good quality battery


  • The camera gets out of level
  • The nature of the controller feels cheap and not valid
  • Advanced skill level needed
  • The maximum flight time is 20 minutes



Frame type quadrocopter
Functions Hover
One Key Automatic Return
Turn left/right
Features WiFi APP Control
Assembly upon arrival RTF (Ready to fly)
Age 14 and older
Skill level Advanced


Navigation GPS
Maximum flight time 20 min


Telemetry 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Telemetry range 800 m (meters)
Detailed telemetry range 1500 m (meters)
Radio channels 4 Channels


Capacity 4750 mAh
Charging time 180 min


Color Black, White
Length 255 mm (millimeters)
Width 255 mm (millimeters)
Height 210 mm (millimeters)
Weight 1060 g (grams)


Video Resolution Full HD

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