Price and specifications
Wingsland S6 drone

Control Distance 120 m
Flying Time 10 min
Resolution 13 MPx
Video Resolution 4K
Battery 1400 mAh
Width 79 mm

Drones Wingsland S6 drone

UnveiledJuly 2016
State On sale
Brand Wingsland
Model S6 drone

Wingsland S6 by Ready Set Drone

Description: Wingsland S6 is a small, fordable quadcopter that looks very awesome but with so many major issues. The most vital one is how unstable it is when it’s hovering on the air. Even with GPS, it still drifts up and down dangerously. This drone might have many cool accessories within the package and even has a nice plastic case, however, when you attach the accessories, the drone will become more unstable and hard to control. It could crash easily into objects and even to people therefore, we don’t want to recommend this drone to you because of safety issue.


  • Motor burns easily
  • Drone will be unsteady when boom-boom is attached
  • Short flight time (7-9 minutes)
  • 360 degree photography is a bit slow
  • Wooble when GPS is turned off
  • Landing isn't smooth
  • Difficulty in turning off/on the drone by pressing the Power button
  • Need to download app to control drone
  • Accessories make the drone a bit heavy and drifts up and down uncontrolably


  • 4k camera @30FPS
  • Package includes accessories like LED light & Boom-boom (air soft gun)
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) & Optical Flow
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Come with a nice and convenient plastic case
  • Fast charging drone battery
  • Support Wi-Fi control
  • Boom-boom can be used in mid-air



Type quadrocopter
Functions Camera
FPV (online camera)
One Key Automatic Return
One Key Landing
Turn left/right
Features WiFi FPV
Age 14 and older
Level Advanced


Navigation GPS
Flying Time 10 min


Remote Control Wi-Fi remote control
Control Distance 120 m (meters)
Detailed Control Distance 120 m (meters)


Capacity 1400 mAh


Resolution 13 MPx (megapixels)
Video Resolution 4K


Color Gray, Orange, Yellow
Length 138 mm (millimeters)
Width 79 mm (millimeters)
Height 26.8 mm (millimeters)
Weight 230 g (grams)