Price and specifications
PINENG PN-951 power bank

Battery capacity 10 000 mAh
Charging time 5 h
Quick Charge No
Weight 225 g
Output interfaces Standard USB

Power banks PINENG PN-951

Release DateMay 2016
Availability On sale
Model PN-951

Pineng PN-951 by Pencinta Khazanah Seni Youtube review

Description: If you have more money to spare, don’t buy this power bank brand. There are many issues about the originality of this device. Many vendors sell the fake one and it’s hard to tell which is the true one. In terms of quality, the Pineng PN-951 isn’t unique and doesn’t have good features. It comes with an attached microUSB cable and an iPhone plug adapter, but as we all understand, those two are easily broken. Just like other power banks, it sports 10,000mAh battery life. Because the body is made of plastic, it will be resistant to scratch.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Boasts 10,000mAh energy life
  • Has battery indicator
  • Comes with attached microUSB cable & iPhone plug adapter
  • One USB output & input port


  • Body is made of plastic
  • MicroUSB cable is easily broken



Construction PC-ABS
Color White, Black


Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 10000 mAh
Charging time 5 h (hours)


Length 15.6 cm
Width 7.7 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Weight 225 g (grams)

Functions and features

Quick Charge No
LCD Display No
Solar charging No
Waterproof No
Flashlight No


Output interfaces Standard USB
Input interfaces Micro-USB, Mini-USB
Count USB outputs 2
Output Current 5V/2.1A

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